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Undergraduate Introductory Geoscience Courses, Upper Level Geoscience Courses, Two-Year Colleges, and K-12 Classrooms

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Research on Teaching and Learning | Designing Courses | Assessment | Teaching Large Classes | Quantitative Thinking | Teaching in the Field | Teaching with Current Research and Data

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GIS | Earth Systems Science | Oceanography | Plate Tectonics | Volcanoes | Earthquakes | Tsunamis | Hazards | Climate Change and Global Warming | Energy | Sustainability | Ozone | Evolution | Red Tide and Harmful Algal Blooms | Weathering and Rock Cycle

Career Development and Departments

Managing your geoscience career, from finding an academic position, to balancing teaching and research. Information to help geoscience departments adapt and prosper in a changing and challenging environment: curriculum, recruiting, program assessment and more.


SERC is involved in running a number of workshops every year, either as part of a series or individually. Topics range from community visioning around a particular issue to faculty professional development. View past, present, upcoming workshops here.

Help Us Develop the New Teach the Earth Portal

We are in the process of redesigning and re-envisioning the Teach the Earth portal. We're interested in getting feedback from the earth education community throughout this process. Help us by visiting the demonstration site above and filling out a feedback form.

Contribute Materials to Teach the Earth

Contribute teaching examples, course descriptions and syllabi, program descriptions, or volunteer as an editor.

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Share insight, ask questions, and network with other faculty who are teaching in similar environments or similar courses by joining a topical email list or writing to a topical discussion board.

A Portal to Projects

Teach the Earth is a portal into the rich geoscience education content available through dozens of independent project websites. The Teach the Earth portal is a handful of web pages which can help guide you through this diverse array of sites. It includes a search interface spanning all the projects, and a set of site guides which highlight key resources within these project websites. You can make use of the search and guide links above or jump to the complete list:

List of contributing projects and their websites

About Us

SERC and its Partners