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The crystal structure of diamond...on a cosmic journey towards the Orion Nebula.
The crystal structure of diamond...on a cosmic journey towards the Orion Nebula. Details
  • CrystalMaker. This is the website to obtain demo and commerical versions of the program CrystalMaker, a program for building, displaying, and manipulating all kinds of crystal and molecular structures. The program is now available for both Windows XP and Mac OS X platforms. Demonstration versions of the software are available for free download, and the full version may be ordered from the site. (more info)
  • Shape Software. This is the page from which demo and commercial versions of several crystallographic software packages can be downloaded or purchased. The software products available from this site are: ATOMS (a program for drawing all types of atomic structures, including crystals, polymers and molecules); SHAPE (a program for drawing the external morphology (faces) of crystals and quasi-crystals, and also for drawing sections of crystals); VIBRATZ (a program for doing a complete normal-coordinate calculation on any molecule or crystal, using traditional valence force constants and/or Urey-Bradley force constants); CRYSCON (a shareware program for general crystallographic conversion). Free demo versions of each product are available; this software is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms. (more info)
  • XtalDraw. XtalDraw is interactive Windows-based software that draws crystal and molecular structures as ball and stick, polyhedral, and thermal ellipsoid representations. The software comes with a large set of datafiles and can read the XtalDraw datafiles, but it can also read the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database data files. The site features images and animations of crystal structures, and the software can be freely downloaded from the site. (more info)