Workshops, Webinars and Events

This is a list of upcoming events from across the Teach the Earth family of sites.

Preparing the Next Generation: August 2021 Workshop
Aug 2-4 2021 Advancing Scientific Ocean Drilling Impact: Preparing the Next Generation Meeting August 2nd and 4th via Zoom Scientific Ocean Drilling is a time-travelling exploration of our planet. It can bring an unseen world ...

Virtual Workshop: Teaching Computation Online with MATLAB
Oct 17-19 2021 This October 17-19 workshop, held online, will bring together faculty who teach quantitative thinking and computational skills and are interested in strengthening their courses, curricula, and teaching materials that make use of MATLAB. Working with faculty peers and MATLAB experts in group and individual settings, workshop participants will share their strategies, tools, and resources for teaching computation with MATLAB. Expertise will be shared across disciplines from faculty members in biology, chemistry, engineering, geoscience, math, physics, and allied field. Workshop discussions and sessions will encourage and enable participants to apply knowledge gained from their peers to their own course materials.

Virtual Workshop: Teaching Computational Skills and Problem-Solving with MATLAB and Simulink
Dec 9-11 2021 This December 9-11 workshop, held online, will bring together Asia-Pacific engineering and science educators teaching computational skills or problem-solving who are interested in strengthening their courses, ...