Geology and Human Health

Geology and Human Health

Geology contributes in many ways to human health issues - in water and air quality and quantity, natural and anthropogenic health hazards, as a controlling factor in the epidemiology of water- and air-borne diseases, and in the development of public health policy. The interdisciplinary field of "medical geology" is therefore of increasing importance in education and to society at large.
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This site contains a variety of educational and supporting materials for faculty teaching in the emerging field of geology and human health. You will find links to internet resources, books, teaching activities, and a group email list, as well as posters, presentations and discussions from the spring 2004 workshop on Geology and Human Health. These resources reflect the contributions of faculty members from across the country and the collections will continue to grow as materials are developed.

Resources for Classroom, Lab, and Field

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Resources for Educators

Materials from the 2004 Workshop on Geology and Human Health

In the spring of 2004, more than 40 geoscience educators, researchers, and leaders in related fields of public health, policy, and medicine came together to discuss contemporary issues related to teaching geology and human health. The workshop explored current instructional practices and made plans towards the widespread implementation of topics related to geology and human health in undergraduate geoscience courses. View the workshop program to download presentations, working group summaries, and other supporting materials. Also review the collection of posters of current research and teaching activities by workshop participants.

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