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NAGT Awards and Nomination Process: Info Session
Jan 25 2023 Come hear about NAGT awards, the nomination and selection process, developing strong nominations/self-nominations and guidance from NAGT awards committee members about submitting a nomination!

Exploring models for engaging community college students in field research: a discussion of benefits and challenges
Jan 10 2023 We explore 3 programming models for providing field research experiences for community college students and the benefits and challenges of each.

Guiding Students to use Data to Support their Scientific Reasoning
Dec 12 2022 This session will introduce and guide participants in the use of strategies designed to enhance students' scientific reasoning skills by using evidence and science content to support a conclusion.

Teaching Quantitative Reasoning Using Data: Project EDDIE #161279
Dec 7 2022 Part of the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting Wednesday, December 7, 2022, Noon-3:00PM CST Online Registration and connection information available through AGU This event has already taken place - see the ...

Geoscience Careers at Two-Year Colleges
Dec 2 2022 This webinar will explore career opportunities for geoscientists at 2YCs, emphasizing not only aspects of teaching, but also opportunities for collaboration and professional development for geoscience faculty across their departments, institutions, and the nation.

Evaluating Lessons Using the NSTA Sensemaking Tool
Nov 17 2022 In this web seminar you will become familiar with the NSTA Sensemaking Tool and consider how this tool can be used to choose lessons (critical consumer), revise or create lessons for personal use, and revise or create lessons for wider use.

Core on shore! A virtual tour of IODP's Gulf Coast Repository:
Nov 11 2022 The scientific research vessel JOIDES Resolution collects sediment and rock cores from the ocean floor – but what happens to this geologic record after the JR returns to port? Join us live from the Gulf Coast Repository in Texas for a tour and discussion of how scientists continue their investigations and store samples after an oceanographic expedition

Webinar: Beyond Doom & Gloom: How to Teach Climate Change Towards Empowerment
Nov 8 2022 Educators will hear from youth about how they are handling this challenge and will walk away with a variety of strategies and activities to integrate into their curriculum as they engage with today's youth.

Teaching Computation Online with MATLAB - California
Nov 6-7 2022 For California-based educators in Geoscience, Physics, Math, Biology, Engineering, and allied fields November 6-7, 2022 | Virtual Workshop

Webinar: Strategies for Integrating Climate Science into the Elementary Classroom with CLEAN
Nov 3 2022 Fall 2022 Webinar Description This webinar provides strategies for elementary teachers to integrate climate science into their classrooms. Teachers will explore how to break down this complex and controversial ...