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Webinar: Film Screening and Live Panel: Gen Z Mental Health - Climate Emotions
May 17 2023 Spring 2023 Webinar Description Join this special screening of Gen Z Mental Health: Climate Stories, followed by a live panel with Dr. Kris Karnauskas (climate scientist, CU Boulder), Dr. Joanna Arch ...

Colombia - USA Water-Energy-Food Nexus Alliance: Integrating research, education and development for peace building, sustainable development and climate-resilience
May 11 2023 2023 Invited Workshop Plenary Presentation Thursday, May 11, 2023 To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Click to view or download the ...

Heads and Chairs: What you need to know about nominating students for the NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Fellowship Program
May 10 2023 We are making changes to the student nomination process in order to broaden access to the long-running NAGT/USGS Cooperative Summer Fellowship program, and department chairs and program heads will serve a critical role in the new process. In this webinar, we'll share the history and successes of the fellowship program, describe the changes in the community that led us to develop a new nomination process, and walk participants through the new nomination process and what makes a strong nomination.

Developing evaluation systems that value diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts: an active workshop for the geosciences
May 2 2023 This workshop is aimed at helping the geosciences answer recent calls to action by revising promotion and tenure (P&T) and evaluative systems to clearly value and reward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. In this workshop, we will discuss geoscience faculty perceptions and engagement in DEI work, as well as perceptions of DEI work within the context of evaluative systems from recent nation-wide interview and survey results. Participants will be guided to work collaboratively and develop mechanisms by which they can meaningfully value DEI work within annual evaluations and P&T policies.

Webinar: Beyond Doom & Gloom: How to Teach Climate Change Towards Empowerment with CLEAN
Apr 20 2023 Spring 2023 Webinar Description Educators will learn about CLEAN's new resources related to climate mental health and will walk away with a variety of strategies and activities to integrate into their ...

Teaching Earth and Space Science with PhET Interactive Simulations
Apr 20 2023 PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive simulations and virtual labs for science and math learning. PhET simulations are teaching tools that can support conceptual learning and skill development, but they are most effective when used in a teaching context that makes use of evidence-based, student-centered teaching and learning practices.

Exploring GeoMagnetism through Citizen Science
Apr 18 2023 Learn about Earth's magnetic field and how you can collect data with citizen science app MagVar from two undergraduate students and a geophysicist.

Building your Students' Data Literacy & Proficiency: Putting it all together including Field Collection/Mapping/Analyzing/Presentation
Apr 11 2023 Data is the language of science, driving scientific discovery and leading to new understandings. Building proficiency in all aspects of data collection and use is critical for geoscience students. In this session Joseph will build on earlier ESRI presentations he has coordinated for NAGT. He will begin with using Survey123 to gather data in the field (soil types, invasive plants, noise, water quality, tree species, weather, etc), then show how they can map it, analyze it, and finally present results in an Instant App or Dashboard or StoryMap.

NNCI Nanoscience in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Research Community Virtual Workshop
Apr 5-6 2023 April 5-6, 2023, including optional 'Office Hours with Experts' Days begin at: 1pm Eastern Wednesday and 12pm Eastern Thursday (Duration: ~4 hours each day) Hosted by NCI-SW, in coordination with ...

Data Puzzle Project: Integrating authentic data and Ambitious Science Teaching practices to help students make sense of phenomena
Mar 9 2023 Teachers have expressed a desire to incorporate authentic scientific data into their curricula, but they struggle to find accessible and meaningful datasets that can be easily integrated into modern teaching practices. In response to this problem, climate scientists and instructional specialists from the University of Colorado Boulder have collaborated to create "Data Puzzles," a free resource that utilizes instructional practices as outlined by Ambitious Science Teaching (AST) to engage students in data analysis in the context of important scientific research.