Initial Publication Date: June 8, 2017

Support 2YC Students

There are many different ways of defining "success" when it comes to helping our 2YC students be successful. For some, it is providing scaffolding for a successful transition to a bachelor's degree program or career. Other times, it involves helping students develop academic skills that were missing from their previous schooling. Sometimes it means helping students see a place for themselves in the geosciences. Oftentimes, it involves more than one of these factors or something else entirely. These modules provide information and advice for how to begin addressing some of the issues involved.

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By Facilitating Professional Pathways

Helping students chart out a pathway into a rewarding career requires knowledge about the careers available, the needed qualifications, and the learning experiences that will provide them with the necessary expertise.

Provide Career InformationIncrease Career PreparationSupport Transfer Students

By Supporting Academic Success

There are a number of pedagogical approaches and strategies that can help all your students be successful in your courses and programs.

Develop Self-Regulated LearnersSupport English Language LearnersEmpower 2YC Students with Validation

By Broadening Participation

Bringing diverse students into Geoscience and STEM is critical for responding to the challenges facing society.

Mitigate Stereotype Threat and Solo StatusSupport Students with DisabilitiesSupport First-Generation Students

By Providing Integrative Experiences

Support the Whole Student
The number and diversity of students attaining a degree in geoscience has not kept pace with the growth of the population or the opportunities for people with relevant knowledge and skills. Addressing more than just learning inside the classroom can help bring students into STEM fields and reach their educational and career goals.

Engage Students in Research

Other Resources

Perspectives on Supporting Student Success

This collection of essays was shared by participants in the 2013 workshop Supporting Student Success in Geoscience at Two-year Colleges, describing what activities they are currently employing to support geoscience student success in two-year colleges.