THEMIS image of Noctic Labyrinthus
Noctis Labyinthus NASA/JPL/Arizona State University

Discoveries from Mars: Using a Planetary Perspective to Enhance Undergraduate Geoscience Courses

The wealth of recent data from Mars on everything from geophysics to climate change provides an opportunity to expand examples beyond the terrestrial realm in undergraduate courses ranging from hydrogeology to petrology, from structural geology to sedimentary geology. This site contains a variety of resources for faculty members who wish to integrate examples from Mars into a variety of undergraduate courses such as sedimentology, petrology, and hydrology.

THEMIS image of Bacolor Crater, Mars
Bacolor Crater NASA/JPL/Arizona State University

Resources for teaching using discoveries from Mars

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Join our email list to take part in discussions with colleagues who are interested in teaching with a planetary perspective. The email list began with the participants of the April 2006 Cutting Edge workshop on using Mars data to enhance undergraduate geoscience courses.

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