Teaching with Online Field Experiences

Online field experiences can broaden access to participation in the geosciences by lowering barriers faced by students such as physical challenges, financial concerns, cultural stigmas, and family obligations. In addition, they can serve as introductions to traditional field experiences by helping to reduce the novelty space that can impede learning. Teaching with online field experiences involves some different practices and strategies than teaching in the field, but the same learning outcomes can be met. This module includes resources to support instructors in designing, implementing, and assessing online field experiences that can reach all students.

Work in Progress

This set of pages is being developed by a diverse group of geoscience field camp directors and faculty to provide the community with advice and resources on how to implement effective and rigorous online field experiences. The resource will include help for designing individual activities, capstone experiences, and extended field courses. Faculty are also contributing teaching materials and course descriptions that they have developed to meet their particular needs and these collections will be available in the near future.  Faculty are encouraged to get involved by joining in the discussions, webinars, and other events as well as contributing their teaching materials to the effort.

Designing Remote Field Experiences

This website provides an overview of the work of more than 300 geoscience educators in response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic to share expertise and existing resources and to develop new resources to support remote or virtual capstone summer field experiences for undergraduate geoscience majors.  This NSF-sponsored project is a collaborative effort of NAGT and the IAGD, and involves over 300 field camp directors, instructors, and resources developers around the world.

Get Involved

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