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Undergraduate Research as Teaching Practice

Undergraduate research is an exciting way to introduce students to the scientific method and to engage them in critical thinking and problem solving skills. Research can also increase relevance of the topics at hand and pave the way for students to transition from novices to experts. In the geosciences, there are a plethora of field, laboratory, and computational research experiences that can be employed from the introductory to upper levels.

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What is Undergraduate Research?

Participants at the 2014 workshop Undergraduate Research: Engaging Students in the First Two Years were asked to define what "Undergraduate Research" means in the geosciences, particularly in the lower division.

Evaluating Undergraduate Research Experiences

How do we know whether or not students are getting what we want them to out of research experiences? There are a variety of mechanisms that can be used to evaluate the efficacy of pedagogical approaches and participants at the 2014 workshop developed helpful guidance for deciding on appropriate strategies for a particular context.

Undergraduate Research from Intro to Graduation

Upper Division Courses, Independent Studies, and REU's
Learn from a set of web-based modules that aggregate the community knowledge, experience and resources that can encourage and support undergraduate research across the geoscience curriculum.

Incorporating research into an introductory meteorology course, Elizabeth Malcolm, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Virginia Wesleyan College


  • Engaging Students in the First Two Years: 2014 Workshop
    The workshop will explore the many ways that authentic research experiences can be embedded in introductory Earth Science courses.
  • 2011 CUR-Cutting Edge Undergraduate Research Writing Retreat
    This event brought together several faculty from across the nation who are actively involved with undergraduate research to collaboratively write essays and case studies of undergraduate research throughout the curriculum.

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