Teaching Biocomplexity in the Geosciences

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

This site contains a variety of resources for faculty members who teach undergraduate courses related to biocomplexity, including biological, geological, chemical, physical and human systems. You will find links to activities and assignments, internet and computer resources, publications, presentations from the 2003 workshop on Teaching Biocomplexity in the Geosciences, a group email list, and lots of creative ideas for teaching biocomplexity in your own classroom.

Resources for classroom, lab, and field

  • Internet Resources useful for teaching biocomplexity. Includes resources related to ecology, diversity and evolution, coupled natural and human systems, coupled biogeochemical systems, complex systems, genome-enabled environmental sciences and engineering, as well as general biocomplexity topics.
  • Teaching materials including classroom and lab exercises, course outlines, and links to additional teaching resources.
  • Visualizations useful in teaching different aspects of biocomplexity.

Resources for educators

Presentations from the Teaching Biocomplexity in the Geosciences workshop

During the spring of 2003, 35 participants from around the country met for a five-day workshop to explore current practices in teaching biocomplexity and to forge partnerships for developing new and innovative ways to teach this emerging field of geoscience. View the workshop program to review and download handouts, posters, presentations, and discussions.

Join the discussion

Join the general email list to take part in discussions with colleagues who teach biocomplexity and to read past discussions.

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