Teaching Geoscience Online

In March of 2020 SERC created this portal to support the community's response to teaching during a pandemic. To support the wide-spread need we also hosted an email list where educators shared their experiences and resources while making that transition (you can view the list archive). It's clear that online and hybrid education will be with us well into the future and we encourage you to share your activities and explore the related resource collections below.

Share online teaching activities and courses

Have an existing teaching activity or course that you want to share with the community of geoscience educators? Consider contributing to the Teach the Earth collections or discuss with the community through the Teach the Earth discussion board.

Share an Online Teaching ActivityShare an Online Course Description

Explore resources for teaching geoscience online

Looking for peer-contributed materials and strategies for teaching geoscience online? Get started with these resources:

Designing Remote Field ExperiencesQuick Transition to Online TeachingBest Practices for Teaching About Earth OnlineSearch Online Teaching Activities and CoursesView Past Virtual Events About Teaching Geoscience Online

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