Workshop Participants

Nelson Altamirano , School of Business and Management , National University

Essay: Economics, Sustainability and Teaching Interactive Approach
Activity: Game Assignment for Environmental Economics

Edward Barbanell , Philosophy , University of Utah
Essay: Modeling Interdisciplinarity
Course: Hydrotopia: Toward a Hydraulic Society in the American West
Thomas Beery , Center for Environmental Education , University of Minnesota, Duluth
Essay: Making Sustainability Visible
Course: Wilderness Philosophy
Activity: Sustainable Urban Adventure
Bruno Borsari , Biology , Winona State University
Course: Agroecology
Activity: The Ecological Footprint Dilemma
Essay: Teaching Approaches for Sustainability Education

Stephen Boss , Geosciences , University of Arkansas

Essay: Fundamentals of Sustainability at the University of Arkansas - Emphasizing Institutional Strengths
Activity: How Much Oil Leaked from Deepwater Horizon?

Steve Burian , Civil and Environmental Engineering , University of Utah

Essay: Value of Co-Teaching, Project-Based Learning, and Common Communication for Teaching Sustainability to an Interdisciplinary Class
Course: Interdisciplinary Sustainability Practicum

Morris Coats , Management, Marketing and Business Administration , Nicholls State University
Essay: One economist's approach to interdisciplinary teaching and exploration of sustainability
Activity: Exploring Easter Island Economics with Excel
Brooke Crowley , Geology and Anthropology , University of Cincinnati
Essay: Instilling a sense of sustainability in a large introductory course
Course: Humans and Nature: Living in the Anthropocene
Benjamin Cuker , Marine & Environmental Science , Hampton University
Essay: Eating for a Healthy You and a Sustainable Planet
Course: Introduction to Environmental Science

Scott Cummings , Chemistry , Kenyon College

Essay: The imperative for chemists to teach about sustainability
Activity: Analysis of trends in global oil reserves, production, and consumption
Course: Solar Energy

Mary Ann Cunningham , Earth Science and Geography , Vassar College

Essay: Questions about applications, theory, and engagement with sustainability
Activity: Seminar on Sustainability in Europe: What are the Limits of Possibility?

Rebecca Edwards , Physics , Southwestern University
Essay: Sustainability Education within an Earth Science Course at a Small Liberal Arts Institution
Activity: Introduction to Global Climate Change Through Classroom Discussion

Holly Ewing , Environmental Studies , Bates College

Essay: Credibility as a Challenge in the Integration of Science and Sustainability
Activity: Determining Carbon Storage in Garcelon Bog

Benjamin Fackler-Adams , Physical Sciences , Skagit Valley College

Essay: Sustainability: The Key To Student Engagement
Activity: How Can Models Be Used To Study Climate Change?

Lisa Harrington , Geography , Kansas State University
Essay: Approach and Challenges to a General Undergraduate Sustainability Science Course
Course: Sustainability Science
Activity: Article Review

Tracey Holloway , Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies , University of Wisconsin--Madison

Essay: How Should We Teach "Sustainability Science"?
Course: Introduction to Sustainability Science

Meghann Jarchow , Department of Biology , University of South Dakota

Essay: Using process-focused assessments for teaching sustainability
Activity: Using concept mapping to experientially introduce systems thinking

Stephen Kissin , Geology , Lakehead University

Essay: Sustainability in Mining Activity
Activity: Environmentally Sustainable Mining

David Kobilka , Earth Science , Central Lakes College
Essay: Geoscience is by its nature interdisciplinary
Activity: Stabilization Wedges Game

Tracy Lai , Social Sciences , Seattle Central Community College

Essay: Sustainability and Hanford Reach
Activity: Service-Learning to Explore Sustainability

Derek Larson , Environmental Studies , College of St. Benedict/St. John's University

Essay: Teaching Sustainability Through History
Course: Sustainability Workshop: Green Building Seminar

Mari Titcombe Lee , Environmental Program , Colorado College

Essay: The Waldo Canyon wildfire: A Case Study of the Western Urban-wilderness Interface
Activity: A mock legislative debate to enhance and integrate student understanding of climate change science, policy, economics and ethics
Course: Human Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycle

Tim Lutz , Dept. of Geology & Astronomy , West Chester University

Essay: The Sustainability Challenge in the Classroom
Activity: Exploring Sustainability through Water Cycle Connection

Julie Maxson , Natural Sciences , Metropolitan State University

Essay: Sustainability: Teaching for a Moving Target
Course: Science and Other Stories: Reading the Mississippi River

Chris McIntosh , Economics , University of Minnesota Duluth
Essay: Market Based Economies and Sustainability
Activity: Financial Incentives of Open Access Resource Overuse
Ellen Metzger , Geology and Science Education , San Jose State University
Essay: Crossing Disciplinary Borders for Sustainability Education
Course: Science, Society, and Sustainability

John Motloch, Landscape Architecture & Dir.- Land Design Institute, Ball State University

Essay: Sustainability, Collaboration and Complexity Science
Activity: Science, Complexity and Sustainability in the University of the Future
Course: Sustainable Land Systems

Maureen Muldoon , Geology , University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Essay: Service as Means of Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Course: Environmental Geology
Activity: Earth Resources in the Classroom

Tun Myint , Political Science , Carleton College

Course: Sustainability Science

Cailin Huyck Orr , School of the Environment , Washington State University

Essay: Demonstrating why sustainability is complex
Course: Sustainable Watersheds and Communities

Maureen Padden , School of Geography and Earth Sciences , McMaster University

Essay: Service Learning in Interdisciplinary Courses
Course: Environmental Assessment

Kathleen Phillips , Earth Systems Program , Stanford University
Essay: Interdisciplinary Environmental Science Reflection and Communication
Course: Natural Hazards and Risk Communication

Laura Rademacher , Earth and Environmental Sciences , University of the Pacific

Essay: Making Connections between Geoscience and Sustainability
Course: Its Not Easy Being Green
Activity: Back of the Envelope Calculations: Renewable Energy

Mary Savina , Geology , Carleton College

Essay: Sustainability and Understanding Time
Activity: Where does your energy come from? Analyzing your energy bill
Activity: The Changing Geographic Distribution of Malaria with Global Climate Warming

Abigail Schade , History and Environmental Studies , Davidson College

Essay: Historicizing Water and Development
Activity: 'Reporting' on the World Water Forum to understand media coverage and gaps

Steven Semken , School of Earth and Space Exploration , Arizona State University
Essay: The Relevance of Place and Sense of Place to Sustainability
Course: Earth Science in Arizona and the Southwest

Susan Singer , Biology , Carleton College

Essay: Teaching Sustainability in a Plant Biology Course
Course: Plant Biology

Hitesh Soneji , Engineering and Technology , City College of San Francisco

Essay: Productive Sustainability Discourse through Insisting on Diverse Perspectives
Activity: Students' Evaluation of Competing Alternative Energy Options for a Sustainability Assessment

Bill Stigliani , Center for Energy & Environmental Education , University of Northern Iowa

Essay: Teaching Sustainability: Students & Professors
Course: Visioning a Sustainable World
Activity: Action to Enhance Sustainability

James Stone , Civil and Environmental Engineering , South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Essay: Teaching Sustainability through Project Based Learning
Course: Life Cycle Assessment

Katherine Straub , Earth and Environmental Sciences , Susquehanna University
Essay: Keeping it lively: Incorporating readings, research, films, speakers, and writing into sustainability courses
Course: Climate and Global Change
Thomas Termes , Industrial Technology , Black Hills State University
Essay: Using Small Team Presentations to Examine Energy Production and Energy Utilization
Course: Energy, Power and Transportation
Activity: Using Lab Measurements to Determine the Feasibility of a Photovoltaic Panel

Pablo Toral , Political Science , Beloit College

Essay: Integrating sustainability in its social context
Course: Global Political Ecology

Lori Troxel , Civil and Environmental Engineering , Vanderbilt University

Essay: Teaching Sustainability in a Study Abroad Course
Course: Sustainable Buildings and Planning
Activity: Habitat for Humanity Build Day

Daniel Vaughn , Earth Science & Agriculture , Vincennes University
Essay: Making Sustainability Real
Course: Environmental Science, with Lab
Course: Environmental Science

Jeffrey Walker , Earth Science and Geography , Vassar College

Essay: Sustainability in Geosciences in a Liberal Arts Curriculum
Course: Soils and Sustainable Agriculture

Laura Webb , Geology , University of Vermont
Essay: Geosciences in Sustainability: Upstream, Downstream, and in Between
Activity: Sustainability Buffet -- What's in a Definition?
Course: Petrology

Katryn Wiese , Geology and Oceanography, City College of San Francisco

Essay: Sustainability in an Oceanography Course
Activity: Pollution or Fishing Industry Research Project

Workshop Conveners and Staff

David Gosselin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jean MacGregor, The Evergreen State College
Cathryn Manduca, Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College
Rick Oches, Bentley University
Karin Kirk (staff), Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College
Linda Goozen (staff), Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College