Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Earth and Environmental Sciences: Supporting the Success of All Students

April 10 - 12, 2019
University of Illinois at Chicago

Note: this workshop has already taken place. Read the workshop synthesis for a synopsis of key ideas. Workshop presentations, summaries of discussions, and other resources are available on the program page.

This workshop will focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Earth and environmental sciences. We have the responsibility and the opportunity to make choices in our teaching and in our programs to better attract and support a diverse population of students. To move forward with this work, we will discuss the challenges and barriers students encounter, and explore a range of approaches that can be adopted to broaden participation and foster inclusion at the course and program levels. At the department and program level, we will apply a framework of engagement, capacity, and continuity (Jolly et al., 2004) to program evaluation and design. For the plenary and concurrent workshop sessions, we will draw from our collective experiences, from the science and sociology literature on this topic, from InTeGrate modules, from NAGT's Traveling Workshop Program, from SAGE 2YC resources, and from recent publications in the Journal of Geoscience Education (e.g. Carabajal et al., 2017; Callahan et al., 2017; Sherman-Morris & McNeal, 2016; Wolfe & Riggs 2017). Workshop participants will leave with specific strategies to implement in their classes, as well as with discussion points to share with their programs.

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Workshop Facilitators:

Rachel Beane, Bowdoin College
Diane Doser, University of Texas at El Paso
Nicholas Fernandez, El Paso Community College
Stefany Sit, University of Illinois at Chicago
Joshua Villalobos, El Paso Community College
Gary Weissmann, University of New Mexico-Main Campus


Mitchell Awalt, Science Education Resource Center (SERC), Carleton College


Carabajal, I. G., Marshall, A. M., & Atchison, C. L. (2017). A synthesis of instructional strategies in geoscience education literature that address barriers to inclusion for students with disabilities . Journal of Geoscience Education, 65(4), 531-541.

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