Katryn Wiese

Earth Sciences

City College of San Francisco

I am a professor of Geology and Oceanography at City College of San Francisco, where I have taught field, lab, and lecture classes since 1995. With degrees and training in the Earth and Ocean Sciences from Caltech and Oregon State University, and post-graduate work at Stanford University, my research background is in volcanic chemistry and processes. My field research experiences include tin-mineralizing granites in Australia, the Eyjafjöll Volcanic System in Iceland, and seafloor volcanism and hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean offshore the Galapágos Islands and in the Atlantic off the Azores Islands. For the past 20 years, my primary focus has been on improving geoscience education at the college level, and towards this goal I have participated actively in national professional development programs.

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On the Cutting Edge part of Cutting Edge
The On the Cutting Edge Professional Development Program for Geoscience Faculty brings together workshops, websites, and research activities to support highest quality undergraduate geoscience education.

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Metamorphic Rock Identification part of Teach the Earth:Teaching Activities
Metamorphic Rock Identification online (developed for remote learning during COVID-19 pandemic); students will explore the various characteristics of metamorphic rocks and then apply them to identify unknowns.

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Oceanography (an introduction) part of Geoscience in Two-year Colleges:Courses
Lecture class that meets 3 hrs per week (either 3 hrs/once a week at night or 1.5 hrs/twice a week) and covers the following topics. The ocean environment. Physical, chemical, biological, geological, and ecological ...

Oceanography Lab (an introduction) part of Geoscience in Two-year Colleges:Courses
Lab class that meets 4 hrs per week (one day) -- the first hour starts with a 10-minute quiz on the previous week's lab, followed by hands-on group review of prereading preparatory lab assignment and then ...

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Sustainability in an Oceanography Course part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences:Essays
Katryn Wiese, Earth Sciences, City College of San Francisco Currently the primary classes in which I teach about Sustainability are Oceanography, Environmental Geology, and Physical Geology. Oceanography is my ...

Preparing Students for Geoscience Careers -- CCSF part of SAGE 2YC:Workshops:Preparing Students in Two-year Colleges for Careers:Essays
After transferring to a 4YC, my 2YC students should feel competitive, confident, and supported. To achieve that goal means setting up a support network of faculty and fellow students and giving them strong foundational skills, knowledge, and experiences. It also means building career and workforce skills. Since I cannot supply all of this myself, I rely on colleagues at 4YCs and research labs and industry and consultants. And I strive to bring part-time faculty into my department who can help us stay fresh in what the workforce wants.

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Earth Rocks! -- Online Educational Oceanography and Geology Videos part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Previous Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2016:Program:Poster Sessions:Thursday
Earth Rocks! is a collection of online educational videos, geared toward introductory-level oceanography and physical geology lectures and labs. This creative-commons-licensed collection currently contains 65 ...

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Sedimentary Rock Identification part of Videos:Videos Workshop 2014:Contributed Videos
Identifying basic sedimentary rocks, structures, and their formation settings.


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