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Teaching for a Sustainable Future in Undergraduate Courses

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Community Collections

Activities, course descriptions, essays and program profiles contributed by InTeGrate participants .
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Team Authored Teaching Materials

InTeGrate team authored, classroom tested, and peer reviewed module and course materials.
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InTeGrate Pedagogy: Themes and Strategies for Teaching about Geoscience and Societal Issues
Five themes that frame the materials the InTeGrate project creates and provides useful strategies for teaching about sustainability.

Pedagogy in Action
A gateway to descriptions and supporting materials for over 50 pedagogic methods, including how to use them in class and example activities that can be adapted to fit your classroom.

Metacognition and Affective Domain
From On the Cutting Edge, provide the research behind and tips for engaging students in their learning.

Course Design website and tutorial
An concrete strategy for designing courses that incorporate effective teaching methods in any discipline. A synopsis of the tutorial is also available. While aimed at a geoscience audience, the materials are relevant for many disciplines.

Teaching Introductory Courses
From On the Cutting Edge, this module provides helpful tips and resources to aid in course design, teaching large classes, motivating students, addressing misconceptions, and more. While aimed at a geoscience audience, the materials in this module can be applied to a range of disciplines.
Sustainability Improves Student Learning (SISL)
Provides teaching resources for teaching with a sustainability focus to engage and motivate students about their learning.
Classroom Observation Project (RTOP)
Tips for incorporating more student-centered teaching into your classroom.
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