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Directory of Information for Team Members

Common Information

InTeGrate Leadership

Email lists (all private)

Leadership webspaces

Materials Development Information & Teams

  • The Information for Materials Developers page outlines the materials development process and will lead you to more detailed information for all aspects of the materials development process.
  • Materials in Progress lists all the links to current development materials along with the names of authors and links to email lists and email archives.

Materials Testers

Program Implementation Groups

Teams and Email Lists (All Private unless otherwise noted)

Faculty Research Team

Workshop Email Lists and Workspaces

2017 Earth Educators' Rendezvous NGSS Tagging Camp

2014 Workshops

NAGT Traveling Workshops Program - Building Stronger Geoscience Departments - Leaders Meeting

Broadening Access to the Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • (private conveners' email list) and list archive
  • (workshop email list- includes participants) and list archive
  • Convener workspace (private)
Teaching about Risk and Resilience

2013 Workshops

2012 Workshops

2 Year Colleges


HBCU Working Group

Planning Meeting

Strengthening Geoscience Competency for HBCU Pre-Service Teachers Workshop Planning

Pan-African Approaches to Teaching Geoscience Workshop Planning

Putting Sustainability into Action: New Strategies for Courses and Programs

Assessment and Evaluation

Webteam consultant: Monica Bruckner

Email List, Workspace, and Reporting
Meetings and Travel Info
  • Forms and Documents (private)- Example IRB's, InTeGrate Curriculum Development and Refinement Rubric, GLE questions, Materials Development Reflection Survey, Course Setup form

Leadership Team Assessment and Evaluation Info

Research Group

Advisory Board


National Technical Association Strategic Planning

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