Meghann Jarchow

Sustainability Program, Biology/Sustainability

University of South Dakota

I am Chair of the Department of Sustainability & Environment at the University of South Dakota.  At USD, we offer a minor, BS, BA, MS, and PhD in sustainability.  My research expertise includes sustainability education, prairie ecology, multifunctional landscapes, and social values/ecosystem services.

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Course Modules (3)

Unit 1: Recognizing Ecosystem Services and their Relation to the Hydrologic Cycle part of An Ecosystem Services Approach to Water Resources
In this module, students investigate the ecosystem services associated with local landscapes, particularly in relation to water resources. This unit, the first of three, provides students with the foundational ...

Unit 2: Measuring and Modeling Ecosystem Services part of An Ecosystem Services Approach to Water Resources
In this unit, students will model stormwater runoff for a landscape that has different land covers, to reflect the changes in the hydrologic cycle as land use changes. In doing this, they will (a) recognize the ...

Unit 3: Using an Ecosystem Services Approach for Civic Engagement part of An Ecosystem Services Approach to Water Resources
In this unit, students will explore the larger context in which ecosystem services are often utilized and real-world proposals for land-use change typically occur. Presented with a scenario for a proposed land-use ...

Activities (9)

Unit 2.1: Hydrologic Impact of Land-Use Change part of An Ecosystem Services Approach to Water Resources
In this activity, students model the impact of land-cover changes on stormwater runoff using the EPA's National Stormwater Calculator (Calculator). The students are introduced to the Calculator through a ...

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Using process-focused assessments for teaching sustainability part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences:Essays
Meghann Jarchow, Interdepartmental - sustainability, University of South Dakota Thinking about how we assess students is as important as the methods that we use to convey the course content. I think that most ...

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University of South Dakota - Sustainable Rivers: Integrating Earth Science and Sustainability Across the Curriculum part of Integrate:Program Design:InTeGrate Program Models:University of South Dakota
The Sustainable Rivers program worked to increase student understanding of and interest in Earth science and sustainability by spreading sustainability content from InTeGrate throughout the undergraduate curriculum ...

Meghann Jarchow: Using An Ecosystems Services Approach to Water Resources in Sustainability and Society at University of South Dakota part of An Ecosystem Services Approach to Water Resources
Using models to frame public discussions My course is one of two introductory, core courses for a sustainability major and minor. The course focuses on the environmental aspects of sustainability and is taught using team-based learning methods. My goals for the course include teaching students how to use some of the many scientific tools that have been developed for the public and teaching students how to translate the output from those tools into forms that can be used to effect positive environmental change. This module was an effective way to combine these two goals.