Initial Publication Date: May 26, 2016

Transforming Teacher Preparation to Teach for Sustainability

Thursday, June 2, 2016

11:30 pm Pacific | 12:30 pm Mountain | 1:30 pm Central | 2:30 pm Eastern

Presenters: Anne Egger (Central Washington University), Ed Geary (Western Washington University), Kathryn Baldwin (Eastern Washington University), Kyle Gray (University of Northern Iowa), Scott Linneman (Western Washington University)

This webinar is part of a series supporting teaching with InTeGrate principles, using InTeGrate-developed and curated materials as tools.


This webinar will provide an opportunity to learn from faculty and staff who are using InTeGrate teaching principles and materials as a vehicle for transforming teacher preparation. Anne Egger is an InTeGrate project leader, team leader/editor of InTeGrate's teacher preparation modules. She and Ed Geary are leaders of the Washington State STEM Teacher Preparation Implementation Program. Kathryn Baldwin, Kyle Gray, and Scott Linneman are authors of the InTeGrate teacher preparation modules, Soils, Systems, and Society, Interactions between Water, Earth's Surface, and Human Activity, and Exploring Geoscience Methods, respectively. Together, the speakers will address the alignment of InTeGrate principals with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), demonstrate how to use InTeGrate modules to transforming teacher preparation, and how this topic extends to STEM teacher preparation in general. The webinar will include 35 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes for discussion. Participants are encouraged to both ask questions of the presenters and discuss their own experiences on the subject.


At the end of this webinar, participants will have

  • insights on the role of sustainability and social justice in science teaching
  • an understanding of the relationship between InTeGrate guiding principles and goals of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • examples of how to use InTeGrate materials to develop teaching skills that intertwine the three dimensions of NGSS (science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas)
  • greater familiarity with InTeGrate principles and resources
  • new colleagues engaged in this work


Time - 11:30 pm Pacific | 12:30 pm Mountain | 1:30 pm Central | 2:30 pm Eastern
Duration - 1 hour
Format - Online web presentation via Adobe Connect web conference software with questions and discussion.
Registration - Registration for this webinar is closed. 
Preparation - There is no advance preparation required for this webinar.

Please email Alice Newman (anewman AT if you have any questions about this event.


Anne Egger, Geological Sciences, Science Education, Central Washington University

Ed Geary, Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education, Western Washington University

Kathryn Baldwin, Education, Eastern Washington University

Kyle Gray, Earth Science, Science Education, University of Northern Iowa

Scott Linneman, Geology, Western Washington University


1) Welcome and introductory remarks - Anne Egger

  • Alignment of InTeGrate guiding principles with the NGSS
  • What do we mean by "transforming" teacher preparation?
  • Q & A

2) Using InTeGrate modules as vehicles for three-dimensional teaching

3) Zooming out: Washington State NGSS STEM Teacher Preparation Group - Ed Geary

  • Q & A

4) Reflection by participants

5) Final remarks

6) Thank you and opportunities for further interaction

7) Webinar evaluation


Click to watch the webinar screencast (MP4 Video 594.5MB Jun2 16).

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