Initial Publication Date: November 3, 2019

Vision of Earth Education for Sustainable Societies

Earth education for sustainable societies engages all learners and empowers communities to develop relationships and solutions for environmental resilience.

Strategic Framework for the Vision

Successful earth education for sustainable societies:

  • Recognizes the urgency for change and builds agency to support individual and collective action at the local to global scales.
  • Develops an Earth-literate population and workforce.
  • Develops an understanding of earth systems and a capacity for systems thinking
  • Incorporates the expertise of many disciplines from the sciences, social sciences, and humanities
  • Embraces the values, experiences, and wisdom that come from diverse cultures, recognizing that solutions must be driven by the communities involved.
  • Uses data, observations, skills, and processes to address issues relevant to society (e.g., resource limitations, hazards, environmental degradation, declining biodiversity)
  • Supports lifelong learning in a learning ecosystem, that includes preK and continues through primary, secondary, higher education, and adult and informal education.
  • Makes use of evidence-based teaching practices, is accessible, meaningful, equitable, and implemented in ways that support learning for all students.
  • Continually improves as educators draw from and contribute to ongoing educational and scientific research.


The 2019 Earth Education for Sustainable Societies workshop brought together diverse participants to contribute to a community vision, set priority work areas, and begin to collaboratively work in one or more of those areas.