Initial Publication Date: November 4, 2019

Priority Areas in Earth Education for Sustainable Societies

  • Developing literacy or framework documents
  • Teaching resources and Program models
  • Strategies for supporting local community action
  • Place-based education
  • Building effective communication skills: social media and other strategies
  • Engaging adult learners
  • Building capacity for discussing difficult topics
  • Working across the learning ecosystem
  • Using and valuing multiple modes of inquiry
  • Building support for change
  • Building capacity for interdisciplinary work for students and educators
  • Building institutional structures to facilitate earth education
  • Empower students with solutions
  • Preparing a workforce for sustainable societies
  • Enabling earth education to get to all people
  • Building educator topical expertise
  • Building educator pedagogical expertise
  • Engage in educational research that supports earth education for sustainable societies
  • Building educator expertise to work with communities
  • Empowering students to act


The 2019 Earth Education for Sustainable Societies workshop brought together diverse participants to contribute to a community vision , set, and begin to collaboratively work in one or more of those areas.