Initial Publication Date: April 17, 2012

Optional Field Trips

You can't come to Montana and not get out into the field under the "Big Sky". We will host two optional field trips for those who will not be departing immediately after the workshop ends at noon on Friday. Please note that you must register and pay for the field trips by April 27th.

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Hike to Hyalite Lake

June 29, Friday Afternoon

After lunch, we'll plan to drive to Hyalite Canyon about half an hour south of Bozeman and we'll plan to take a day hike up towards Hyalite Lake. This trail passes through the Eocene Absaroka Volcanics that are composed of andesite flows and huge lahar deposits. There are a series of 7 waterfalls that we will see on the trail. Check out our online Trail Guide to Hyalite Lake which provides a nice overview of the scenery you'll see as well as a summary of the geologic history and processes in this area. The weather can be quite variable, so bring layered clothes, a wind/rain jacket, sturdy hiking shoes (the trail can be kind of rubbly around the volcanic debris), day pack, water bottle, and camera. We'll end the day shuttling you back to the hotel, and if you want, to dinner at the Montana AleWorks (on your own tab).

If the trails are impassable, or the weather is really bad, plan B will be to do part of the field trip on Teaching Environmental Geology in Your Backyard that we conducted at the recent On the Cutting Edge Teaching Environmental Geology workshop.

There is no charge for this field trip, but you will be responsible for paying for an extra night's lodging at the GranTree Inn for Friday night as we will return to Bozeman after all flights have left Bozeman Airport on Friday.

Yellowstone National Park and Chico Hot Springs

June 30, Saturday All Day

This field trip will introduce participants to the amazing range of natural phenomena that can be observed in the Yellowstone Geoecosystem, and to the many issues related to tourism, resource development, geohazards, and policy issues that surround this amazing area. The field trip will will head south from Bozeman through Gallatin Canyon to West Yellowstone. (A side trip to the 1959 Hebgen Lake Earthquake Area is possible if participants want). We will visit many of the geothermal areas in the northwest part of the Park, including Midway Geyser Basin, Fountain Paint Pots, Norris Geyser Basin, and Mammoth Hot Springs (see images below). You may want to check out the topics of interest, related resources and teaching activities we've compiled on our Exploring the Yellowstone Geoecosystem site.

At the end of the day we will have a last stop at Chico Hot Springs Resort , for a relaxing soak in the hot springs and a barbecue dinner.

If you plan to attend the Yellowstone field trip, please let us know on your registration form by April 27th.

You are responsible for the cost of this optional trip. Cost of this field trip is $200 BUT this includes transportation through the Park, breakfast and lunch en route, dinner at Chico, AND the two extra nights double occupancy lodging (Friday and Saturday) at the GranTree Inn in Bozeman (single occupancy lodging option is also available for an additional fee). Departures from Bozeman should be planned for Sunday because we will have a late return to Bozeman on Saturday night.