Initial Publication Date: January 2, 2013

Workshop Outcomes

The following collections of materials were submitted by participants at the 2012 workshop, Teaching the Methods of Geoscience, who represent faculty in both Geoscience and Education departments. The collections illustrate approaches for teaching the methods of geoscience in the context of geoscience and education courses.

Course Collection
Course descriptions that teach the methods of geoscience for introductory geoscience students, geoscience majors, or pre-service education students.

Activity Collection
These activities use a wide array of pedagogic approaches to address teaching the methods of geoscience.

Essay Collection
Workshop participants describe their insights into teaching the methods of geoscience based on their experience teaching the methods, research on teaching, or their geoscience research.

Follow-on Products

These pages are built around concepts that were generated in breakout groups at the workshop, and include pedagogic guidance as well as teaching materials drawn from InTeGrate and other educational projects at SERC.

Geoscientific thinking teaching materials
Geoscientific thinking encompasses the methods of geoscience, the nature of geoscience, and geoscience habits of the mind. This collection of resources describes the importance of teaching geoscientific thinking explicitly and provides strategies and materials for teaching geoscientific thinking to different audience groups. Find materials for:

Find more materials and strategies for teaching about geoscience and societal issues drawn from across the InTeGrate project.