Chris Atchison, Department of Geosciences, Georgia State University

Tendai Chitewere, Geography and Human Environmental Studies, San Francisco State University

Cathy Manduca, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

Jill Schneiderman, Department of Earth Science and Geography, Vassar College

Essay: A Science Writing Seminar on Geology and Justice

Workshop Participants

Abu Badruddin, Math, Sciences and Technology, Cayuga Community College

Activity: Mapping your Neighborhood
Essay: Using GIS to investigate Environmental Justice

April Baptiste, Environmental Studies, Colgate University

Activity: Exploring the environmental injustice of climate change: An international debate teaching exercise
Course: Environmental Justice
Essay: Environmental Justice: making students comfortable about the uncomfortable

Diane Beres, Math & Comp Sci / Environmental Studies, Ripon College

Activity: Empowering People to Deal with the Effects of Climate Change
Essay: Environmental Justice -- When Is it Absent?

Karen Berger, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Rochester

Activity: Addressing energy-related environmental injustice
Essay: Environmental Justice in Energy and Water Studies

J. Kyle Bryant, Office of Superfund Public Affaris and Outreach, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Essay: Community Capacity-Building & Environmental Justice

Nathan Cahoone, Trinidad State Junior College

Activity: Using Differing Substrates to Track Their Effectiveness in Neutralizing Acid Deposition
Course: Environmental Science
Essay: Utilizing Environmental Science Towards a Better Understanding of Environmental Justice

Christopher Cusack, Geography, Keene State College

Activity: Mapping Environmental Justice: The Geography of Population and Pollution
Essay: Calculating Costs: Economic and Environmental Justice in Urban Geography

Kate Darby, Environmental Science, Allegheny College

Course: Environmental Justice
Essay: Cultivating Action: Environmental Justice in the Environmental Science Classroom

Angie Gumm, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Friends University

Activity: Local Garbage in a Global Controversy
Essay: Creating Empathy for People in Difficult Environmental Situations

Amanda Hagood, English / Environmental Studies, Hendrix College

Activity: Using Poetry to Explore the Rhetoric of Environmental Justice
Essay: Close Reading - and Close Writing - Environmental Justice

Deborah Jackson, Sociology/Anthropology, and Environmental Studies, Earlham College

Activity: Cyber-Mediated Ethnography: The Next Best Thing to Being There
Essay: Some of us are more "in it" than others

Paul Jeffries, Philosophy and Environmental Studies Program, Ripon College

Activity: Applying Environmental Justice Concepts—Contextualized Essay Options
Essay: A Philosophy for Teaching and Living in a Just Environment

Sya Kedzior, Geography and Environmental Planning, Towson University

Activity: Using Media to Document Public Attitudes on Waste
Essay: Engaging Students in Research-Led Learning on Environmental Justice

Richard Kujawa, Economics and Geography, Saint Michael's College

Activity: Hazardous Waste and Toxics: Real Data for Real Places
Essay: From Politics and Policy to Place-based Inquiry and Globalization

Josefina Li, Department of Economics, Bemidji State University

Course: Environmental Justice and Sustainability
Essay: Finding the Origin of Environmental Injustice in a Broad Social and Historical Context

Julie Maxson, Natural Sciences, Metropolitan State University

Activity: Reading the IPCC 4h Assessment Report for Human Impacts
Essay: Environmental Justice as a Strategy for Student Engagement

James Myers, Geology & Geophysics, University of Wyoming

Activity: Copper Production in the High Peruvian Andes: Geology, Economics and Politics
Course: Earth & Mineral Resources

Matthew Nyman, College of Education, Oregon State University

Activity: Earthquake Case Studies: Scientific Details and Societal Impacts
Course: Physical Geology
Essay: Addressing the Complexity of Teaching Training Teachers Through a Social and Environmental Lens

Lisa Phillips, English Studies, Illinois State University

Course: English 283: Rhetorical Theory and Its Applications
Essay: Teaching Environmental Justice with Rhetorical Theory: Ecofeminist Wayfinding, Emplacement, and Agency

Michael Phillips, Natural Sciences & Business, Illinois Valley Community College

Course: The Global Environment
Essay: Incorporating Environmental Justice as Part of a Holistic Approach to Environmental Science Courses

Terri Plake, Science, Northwest Indian College

Essay: "I don't know what I don't know"

Julie Rothbardt, Political Economy and Commerce, MonMouth College

Course: Global Corporate Social Responsibility
Essay: Global Corporate Social Responsibility

Andrew Scholl, Geography, Wittenberg University

Bhavna Shamasunder, Urban and Environmental Policy, Occidental College

Course: Environmental Health and Policy
Essay: Crossing Disciplinary and Movement Divides: Towards an Integrated Environmental Justice Pedagogy

Hayley Smith, Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Essay: Transfering Observations into Reserach: Looking at the Student Perspective

Anna Versluis, Geography, Gustavus Adolphus College

Activity: Introducing students to a critical realist approach to environmental justice in the U.S.
Essay: The Uneven Burden of Risk: My Approach to Teaching Environmental Justice

Herb Wang, Geoscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Activity: Environmental Justice Activity
Course: Wetland Restoration
Essay: Building Partnerships for Educational Activities in Environmental Justice Communities

Lauren Waterworth, Geology, Appalachian State University

Activity: Mock Public Comments on the Draft EIS for West Virginia's King Coal Highway
Course: Environmental Regulation and Enforcement
Essay: Environmental Justice as a Pre-(Environmental)Professional Prerequisite

Christopher Wells, Environmental Studies, Macalester College

Course: Environmental Justice
Essay: History, Privilege, and Disproportional Environmental Burdens

Barbara Whitten, Physics, Colorado College

Activity: Energy Audit and Retrofit
Course: Ecofeminism
Essay: Gender and Service Learning in Environmental Justice