Environmental Justice Course Collection

These course descriptions have been submitted by faculty from a range of disciplines. The courses address various ways of teaching environmental justice across disciplines.


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Environmental Justice and Sustainability
Josefina Li, Bemidji State University
The course investigates the ethical and moral dimensions of environmental choices, and the legal, philosophical, political, and economic underpinnings of various theories of justice. A major focus is the ...

Environmental Justice
Kate Darby, Western Washington University
This course explores the justice implications of environmental problems by examining the history of the environmental justice movement, current conceptions and definitions of environmental justice, and case study ...

Environment and Society
Andrew Scholl, Kent State University-Main Campus
This is an introductory course focused on the interactions between human activities and the environment, and is taught through the study of several environmental issues including water, energy, climate change, air ...

GEO 201 Physical Geology
Matthew Nyman, Oregon State University
This is a mixed lab and lecture course designed to teach physical geology basics using direct instruction, guided inquiry activities and problems based learning experiences. This course is aimed at pre-service ...

Environmental Regulation and Enforcement
Lauren Waterworth, Appalachian State University
This is course primarily for science majors that will introduce them to the landscape of environmental regulation and enforcement in the U.S. The course will combine lecture with class discussion and in-class ...

Earth & Mineral Resources
James Myers, University of Wyoming
An interdisciplinary lecture-lab course for upper division focusing on the Earth and mineral resources that are critical to maintaining a modern, industrialized society. The course follows a resource, e.g. copper, ...

Environmental Health and Policy
Bhavna Shamasunder, Occidental College
This is an introductory interdisciplinary environmental health science course that will introduce students to basic concepts in environmental health such as hazard and risk as well as topics such as water access ...

Global Corporate Social Responsibility
Julie Rothbardt, Monmouth College
This course will look at global corporate social responsibility (CSR) from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will learn of the historical aspects of ethics (from a cultural, philosophical and political ...

Wetland Restoration
Herb Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
This 3‐credit, field‐based, workshop will introduce students to the multidisciplinary skills needed to work effectively with the complex and interconnected issues in a community‐based project in New Orleans ...

Environmental Justice
Christopher Wells, Macalester College
Poor and minority populations have historically borne the brunt of environmental inequalities in the United States, suffering disproportionately from the effects of pollution, dispossession of land, resource ...