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Environmental Justice Course Collection

These course descriptions have been submitted by faculty from a range of disciplines. The courses address various ways of teaching environmental justice across disciplines.


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English 283: Rhetorical Theory and Its Applications
Lisa Phillips, Illinois State University
This is a course on rhetorical theory and its applications for English majors. It is a core course. Students learn key concepts by engaging in critical and analytical examination of the nature and historical ...

Environmental Justice
Kate Darby, Western Washington University
This course explores the justice implications of environmental problems by examining the history of the environmental justice movement, current conceptions and definitions of environmental justice, and case study ...

Environmental Justice
Christopher Wells, Macalester College
Poor and minority populations have historically borne the brunt of environmental inequalities in the United States, suffering disproportionately from the effects of pollution, dispossession of land, resource ...

Wetland Restoration
Herb Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
This 3‐credit, field‐based, workshop will introduce students to the multidisciplinary skills needed to work effectively with the complex and interconnected issues in a community‐based project in New Orleans ...

Environmental Justice
April Baptiste, Colgate University
This course evaluates the beginnings of environmental justice as a concept and examines its development into an emerging field. Students will learn to critically analyze examples of environmental justice cases, ...

Environmental Science
Nathan Cahoone, Trinidad State Junior College
This is an interdisciplinary course that focuses on many of the past, current and future environmental issues that affect our everyday lives, both locally and globally. We address how chemistry, water pollution, ...

FG215/EV277 Ecofeminism
Barbara Whitten, Colorado College
Welcome to ecofeminism! This class connects ideas about feminism and social justice with those of environmental degradation, using domination as a common theme. We'll look at potential links between the ...

The Global Environment
Michael Phillips, Illinois Valley Community College
This is an interdisciplinary course that introduces students to the study of environmental issues. Students read about and discuss a broad range of issues where humans interact with the environment. Topics range ...

Global Corporate Social Responsibility
Julie Rothbardt, Monmouth College
This course will look at global corporate social responsibility (CSR) from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will learn of the historical aspects of ethics (from a cultural, philosophical and political ...

GEO 201 Physical Geology
Matthew Nyman, Oregon State University
This is a mixed lab and lecture course designed to teach physical geology basics using direct instruction, guided inquiry activities and problems based learning experiences. This course is aimed at pre-service ...

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