Using Differing Substrates to Track Their Effectiveness in Neutralizing Acid Deposition

This page authored by Nathan Cahoone, Trinidad State Junior College
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Initial Publication Date: March 15, 2013


In this lab activity students work with simulated acid sources and determine what the best natural and human-made substances are that help to neutralize acid rain.

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Learning Goals

Students should learn group skills, data collection, and overall lab report writing. The overall goal related to environmental justice is to give more direction on how pollution affects everyone, but some individuals are more affected based upon where they live. This includes industry, urban sprawl, and congestion.

Context for Use

Students should have a strong understanding of chemistry, acid-base balance and water chemistry to do well on this lab. This lab takes two class periods and requires materials provided by the kit ordered. Overall, they should be able to see the amazing ability of soils to work towards neutralizing acidity from the atmosphere and water.

Description and Teaching Materials

Environmental Soil ASsignment (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 14kB Mar15 13)

Teaching Notes and Tips

Make sure to use safety goggles with this assignment.


Students should provide a data and graph for this assignment.

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