Laetoli Trackway Puzzle

Dr. Aditya Kar
Fort Valley State University,
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Using the Laetoli Footprints, students will explore how scientists use current patterns to understand the past. Students will answer the questions:

What do the footprints tell us?

How do scientists find that out?
Students will measure and correlate their foot lengths and body heights and use that data to estimate the height of the Laetoli hominid.

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Learning Goals

Understand that observations of present life can provide clues to life in the past.

Understand how observations leads to scientific explanations and interpretations of ancestor of humans and what information can be gathered from the fossil record.

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Description and Teaching Materials

HomininTrackwayAnalysis (Acrobat (PDF) 1.2MB May24 17)

foot topo (Acrobat (PDF) 539kB May26 17)

footsteps (Acrobat (PDF) 503kB May26 17)

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