Workshop Logistics

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Workshop Details

The workshop program will begin on Friday, March 4, 2016 with a reception at 5:30 pm, dinner at 6:00 pm and the evening program at 7:00 pm at the Woodlands Conference Center. On Saturday and Sunday, the workshop will take place at the William and Mary Alumni House and will conclude after dinner on Sunday evening, March 6. A shuttle bus will pick up from in front of the Woodlands on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00am and transport participants to the Alumni House. Travel days for the Change Agents are Friday, March 4 and Monday, March 7. If you cannot arrive on Friday in time for the 7:00 pm opening session (and 6:00 pm dinner), please plan to travel on Thursday. Under these circumstances, we will arrange housing for you on Thursday night, March 3.

Workshop Check-In:

  • Workshop Check-in: Participant name-tags and notebooks will be distributed at workshop check-in on Friday, March 4 from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm in the Woodlands Hotel Lobby and from 5:00 pm through dinner in the Woodlands Conference Center. The Woodlands Conference Center, where dinner and the opening session will take place on Friday is a short walk from the hotel. If you arrive late, after the end of the evening program, take the Saturday morning shuttle bus from the Woodlands to campus and we'll have your notebook and name tag at the Alumni House.
  • Hotel Check-in: Workshop participants will be staying at the Woodlands, one of the Colonial Williamsburg hotels. Room check-in time is 4:00pm. If you arrive early, you can check your bags at the front desk until your room is ready.

Workshop Locations:

Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel
105 Visitor Center Dr.
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Front Desk: 757-220-7960

Woodlands Conference Center (Dinner and opening program on Friday, March 4th)
119 Visitor Center Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185

William and Mary Alumni House
500 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Online maps of the William and Mary campus are available to help you navigate while on campus.


We will cover your travel (economy air fare and ground transportation in Virginia, and any parking fees). We can book your flight through our travel agent, or you can make your own flight arrangements. If you choose to book your own flight, we cannot reimburse you until after the workshop takes place. It usually takes 4-5 weeks for reimbursements to be completed once all the necessary paperwork has been received, so it is advantageous for you if we book your flight. If you choose to book your own fare, please be sure to choose an economy fare and email a copy of your itinerary/receipt to Christy Bennett (cfbennett at If you would like us to make your flight arrangements please email Christy and be sure to include the following:

  1. Complete name as it appears on your driver's license.
  2. Birthdate
  3. A telephone number where the airline could reach you in the event of a flight change (typically a cell phone).
  4. Email address where you would like to receive your flight confirmation.
  5. Flight departure/return times, dates, and locations. If you have a preferred flight in mind, please provide complete flight information.

Transportation to Williamsburg by Air

Three airports serve the Williamsburg area: Richmond, Newport News, and Norfolk.

It is easier to travel to Williamsburg from Richmond or Newport News than from Norfolk, so unless the schedule or fares are significantly better in Norfolk, we encourage you to arrive in Richmond or Newport News. The Richmond airport is approximately 50 minutes by car from Williamsburg, the Newport News Patrick Henry Airport is about 20 minutes by car, and the Norfolk airport is one hour (or more, depending on tunnel traffic).

After we have travel information for all participants, we will coordinate arrangements for ground transportation from the airport(s) to The Woodlands in Williamsburg.


Williamsburg is served by Amtrak.


If you choose to drive to the workshop, there is no fee for parking at the hotel. If you want to drive from the hotel to the Alumni House on Saturday and Sunday, there is a parking lot to the side of the Alumni House where you may park without a parking pass. Please do not park in other lots on the William and Mary campus because they do require a pass. Also, please note, if your driving expenses exceed the cost of a flight, you would only be reimbursed up to the cost of a flight.


Participants will stay in double-occupancy rooms in the Woodlands, one of the Colonial Williamsburg hotels. If you would prefer a single room, we have will try to accommodate your preference on a first come/first available basis. The additional cost of a single room is $55 per night (a total of $165 for the three nights). Please email Christy Bennett at (cfbennett at to request a single room.

On-Site Logistics

Internet Access:

Complimentary internet access will be available in the hotel and in the meeting venue. Wireless access instructions will be provided at check-in.

What to bring:

Dress will be casual during the workshop. The weather might be variable. Please be prepared for cool air-conditioned buildings and warm or cool outdoors. Rain sometime during the week is possible.


All breakfasts will be provided at the Woodlands. Other meals will be catered on campus or will be at a local restaurant. Most meals will have options, as well as vegetarian entrees. We expect to be able to satisfy most food preferences and restrictions. You will have the opportunity to tell us about your dietary restrictions and preferences on the workshop registration form.

Workout Facilities:

Guest membership to the workout facilities on the William and Mary campus are available for $5 per day. The Woodlands offers a small workout room at the hotel.

Contact Numbers:

Christy Bennett: (757) 221-7787