Change Agent Teams

The teams of faculty "change agents" involved in the SAGE 2YC project implemented high-impact, evidence-based instructional and co-curricular practices at their own institutions to stimulate improved STEM learning, broadened participation, and a more robust STEM workforce. They worked with administrators to institutionalize these changes, and also propagated these practices to colleagues at 2YCs and four-year colleges and universities (4YCUs) in their region via an local professional development events. Cohort 1 teams began their work in the 2015-16 academic year, and Cohort 2 began in 2017. Cohort 3 took place during ther 2020 calendar year.

Cohorts 1 and 2 Change Agent Teams

Cohort 1: Northern CaliforniaCohort 1: Southern CA 1Cohort 2: Southern CA 2Cohort 1: Southern CA 3Cohort 1: FloridaCohort 1: IllinoisCohort 2: MassachusettsCohort 2: MichiganCohort 1: New YorkCohort 1: North CarolinaCohort 1: Oregon: PortlandCohort 2: Oregon: Willamette ValleyCohort 1: TexasCohort 1: VirginiaCohort 2: Washington D.C. Metro AreaCohort 2: Western WashingtonCohort 1: Wisconsin

Cohort 3 Change Agent Teams

The third cohort of Change Agents worked with the program in calendar year 2020. CA's marked with an * also participated in the 2021 Leadership Extension that ran through June 2021.

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Anne Arundel Community College
Robert Evans, Dan Ferandez*, Katherine Keough, Seth Miller, Anthony Santorelli

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Central New Mexico Community College
Leonardo Silbert, Melanie Will-Cole

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Centralia College
Michelle Harris*, Karen Goodwin*, Teresa Adams*

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Clark College
Rebecca Martin*, Kathleen Perillo, Michelle Stoklosa*

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Delgado Community College
Diondra DeMolle*, Karen Menge*

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El Paso Community College
Tina Carrick*, Adriana Perez*, Miguel Vasquez*

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Fletcher Technical Community College
Jacqueline Richard*, Holly Kilvitis, Christie Landry*

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Georgia State University - Perimeter College
Deniz Ballero, Polly Bouker, Pamela Gore

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Houston Community College System
Lorraine Carey, Robin Nagy

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Lane Community College
Mary Baxter, Andrea Goering*, Edgar Rosas Alquicira*

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Leeward Community College
Alyssa MacDonald*, Luca Preziati*, Donn Viviani*

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Monroe Community College
Jessica Barone, Amanda Colosimo*

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San Diego Mesa College
Don Barrie*, Bulent Bas, Waverly Ray*

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Santiago Canyon College
Angela Daneshmand*, Cynthia Swift*

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Suffolk County Community College
Scott Gianelli, Scott Mandia*

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Yakima Valley College
Hillary Goodner, Jamie Hansen, Zachary Schierl

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