Using course-level data in a spirit of inquiry: Addressing enrollment, equity, and student success

Date TBD (Postponed from March 27)
Time: TBD (Duration - 1 hour)

Registration for this event is required by date TBD.


Eric M. D. Baer, Highline College

Andrea Bair, Delta College

Sean Tvelia, Suffolk County Community College

Heather Macdonald, William & Mary


Course-level data, including enrollment and success rates disaggregated by demographic factors, can provide insights into areas needing attention, identify opportunities for developing more inclusive teaching practices, and used to evaluate the effectiveness of innovations. In this interactive webinar, we will present examples of using data to investigate questions related to participation and success of different populations of students. We will then explore, with participants, strategies for addressing issues raised by the data (e.g. enrollment concerns, courses that are barriers for students). We will also share how we have worked with our institutional research offices and maintain student privacy. This data-centered approach can be useful in considering how to attract students to geoscience and help them thrive, particularly those from groups underrepresented in the geosciences.

This webinar is part of the NAGT Webinar Series and the full webinar schedule is available.

Webinar Goals

  1. Introduce student participation and success data that are commonly available at the course level and how to access these data.
  2. Explore examples that use data to identify areas of concern, set goals and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies used.
  3. Consider strategies for attracting students to your courses and helping them thrive