Making and Sustaining Change

These pages were developed by Callan Bently (Washing DC Metro), Kristie Bradford (Texas), Rick Glover (Western Washington), Adrianne Leinbach (North Carolina), Lynsey Lemay (Virginia), and Shannon Othus-Gault (Oregon: Willamette Valley).

Many change efforts come and go without having much of a positive impact on departments and institutions. SAGE 2YC and the Change Agents have a vested interest in adopting practices that can make change happen and ensure that its effect persists beyond the end of the project.

Develop Leadership Capacity

Leadership is not a skill that many graduate programs teach but it is one that is important in creating change that sticks. It is also is a skill that can be learned. Change Agents address ways their work has broadened their skills as well as their own self perception as a leader.

Engage Faculty

You can't do it all alone. Think about how to make engagement easy, what kinds of professional development will help colleagues buy in, and be open about your own successes and failures.

Make a Persuasive Case

It doesn't matter if you have the best idea if you can't convince others to come along. Using proven approaches, aligning with institutional goals and initiatives, and showing successful examples can help make the case.

Utilize Strategic Partnerships

Think broadly about how partnerships can get you where you want to go. Develop an understanding of how your institution functions, develop a community with others who are interested in the same issues, connect with external partners, and partner with your students and alumni.

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