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What Do Geoscientists Do? An Overview

People with geoscience expertise can be found in many parts of the workforce. This page lays out information about what geoscientists do, what kinds of preparation are necessary, and what the earning potential is in various parts of the geoscience workforce.

Geoscience Degrees and Careers

There are a wide array of careers available to people with degrees in geoscience but they require different levels of preparation. Students can use the information on this page to plot their own route to a satisfying career in the geosciences.

Employment in the Geosciences

The landscape of career opportunities in geoscience is constantly changing. To help your students prepare for their future careers, you need to know what their options will be.

Employer Perspectives: What do your students need to know and be able to do?

It's important that 2YC programs are designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and competencies they will need to be successful in the workforce or when they transfer on to further study. The best source of this information is the employers who will be looking to hire your students after graduation. Here are some first-hand accounts of the kinds of abilities that will make your students into hireable assets for companies and agencies looking for geoscience expertise.

Professional Society Career Resources

There are many professional societies in the geosciences that offer guidance and resources for students interested in that particular field of work. There are also professional networks to support women and minorities in geoscience and in science careers in general.

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