COAChing Strong Two-Year College Educators in Strategic Negotiations

A COACh workshop for educators in two-year colleges (2YCs)

LOCATION: Washington, DC Renaissance Downtown Hotel (999 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001) Room 10-11

Sunday, December 9, 2018

This workshop for two-year college educators will be held in association with the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in Washington, DC, but you do not have to be an attendee of AGU to participate. The half-day workshop is open to chemistry, geoscience, and other STEM educators in two-year colleges (2YC), both full-time and part-time. The workshop is offered through the SAGE 2YC program in collaboration with COACh, which is providing resources for the workshop. The workshop is open to all genders. The workshop will be offered twice, once in the morning (8-noon) and will be repeated in the afternoon (1-5 pm). This workshop is offered by COACh in partnership with SAGE 2YC.

Workshop Description

This workshop is designed to build an understanding of mutual interest based negotiations and problem-solving. The content will focus on both understanding the other party's interests and asking for what you want or need to be successful. Participants will evaluate their personal conflict resolution styles. Cases reinforce the use of effective styles in negotiating and problem-solving and help define patterns of negotiations when choice and stress are factors. Participants practice their own cases and receive feedback. Several methods of responding to difficult tactics are demonstrated and discussed.

Workshop Leaders: Jane Tucker, Center for Creative Leadership (ret) and Yvette Huet, University of North Carolina, Charlotte


This workshop is FREE for community college educators, including adjuncts. In addition to facilitating the workshop, COACh intends to provide a continental breakfast (7:30-8:00 am) and lunch (noon-1pm).

COACh has some funding to support participation for those who participate in their workshop on Coaching Strong Educators in Strategic Negotations. For those who are selected for participation (first come, first serve), they will be able to reimburse participants up to $800 for travel and two nights lodging (Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9). Chemistry, geoscience, and other STEM educators from two-year colleges are eligible for this COACh funding.

For 2YC geoscience educators who will also attend the workshop on Building Strong Geoscience Programs in Two-Year Colleges on Monday afternoon workshop (December 10, 1-4pm), the SAGE 2YC program has additional funding. Community college educators, including adjuncts, who teach geoscience (broadly defined) are eligible for the SAGE 2YC funding. Those who are funded through SAGE 2YC will need to attend one of the COACh workshops AND the Building Strong Geoscience Programs workshop AND at least one day of the AGU meeting. Participants who attend the AGU meeting are welcome to come to an informal no-host dinner on Monday night.

Local community college educators, whether or not they participate in the Building Strong Geoscience Programs in Two-Year Colleges workshop or the AGU meeting, are welcome to attend the COACh workshop on Strategic Negotiations and will need to register for it (see below).


Please register for the COACh workshop and travel scholarships. The deadline for registration and travel scholarships is extended to October 5, 2018. Workshop seats are limited and we will accept participants on a first-come, first-served basis, so please apply soon. Participants in the COACh workshop who attend only the COACh workshop (and not the reception, plenary, or other events of the AGU meeting) do not need to be registered for the AGU meeting.

After registration closes (including after the early and later deadlines given above), Priscilla Lewis from COACh will send you information about the detailed program and reimbursement procedures.