SAGE 2YC Writing Workshop

Workshop design and leadership team

Heather Macdonald (William & Mary), Eric Baer (Highline College), Karen Layou (Reynolds Community College), Sharon Zuber (William & Mary, emerita)

The SAGE 2YC writing workshop was a 5-day workshop for SAGE 2YC change agents. The change agents selected a topic of interest, resulting in 10 teams with 2-5 authors per team. The workshop was run twice, with each team producing a draft of a chapter for a volume of New Directions for Community Colleges. The workshop, conducted on Zoom, was held for 4 hours each day, including a 30 minute break. Breakout rooms were used for team meetings and other small-group sessions.

Workshop goals

  • Contribute your experience and expertise to the group
  • Expand your knowledge of work done by others
  • Gain insights about writing as a process & collaborative writing
  • Make substantial progress on your chapter

Workshop Structure

Pre-workshop assignment for authors

  • One-page document describing your "story" relative to your topic including brief context/introduction, your goals, what you did, and why? What worked well? What were challenges, if any, and how did you address them?  What were outcomes?
  • Ideally, everyone would read the other one-page examples in their chapter before the workshop

Daily structure (4 hours including 30 minute break)

  • All-group session (1st hour) - Day 1, introduction and getting started; Days 2-5, writing prompts for section of the day and discussions in breakout groups
  • Chapter team session (2.5 hours including 30 minute break) -  in breakout rooms, teams set schedule for the day, ideally including  individual writing time and feedback each day
  • All-group session (last ½ hour) - resources, work on chapter titles, discussions with other authors, and daily roadcheck

Chapter template

Introduction w/ context (A)
Examples of practice (B)
Analysis (C)
Lessons learned, recommendations (D)
Conclusions (E)

Week Workshop Schedule: 

Day 1: Individual examples of practice (B)
Day 2: Analysis (C) + title
Day 3: Introduction (A)
Day 4: Lessons learned, recommendations (D)
Day 5: Full draft, with conclusions (E)

For detailed schedule, look at the program.

Private Workspace

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