Cohort 3 Change Agents Workshop, June 2020

June 10 - July 1, 2020

Virtual Workshop

This workshop is by invitation only.Private Workspace »

Workshop Goals

  • Report on course-level outcomes data, give and receive feedback on the analysis of these data, and explore their connection with your program action plan
  • Learn about strategies for developing students' sense of belonging and choose one or more strategies to implement
  • Learn and share techniques to engage others in your program and on campus in the work you are doing
  • Prepare to engage your campus community in your work and begin developing plans for your campus workshops
  • Learn about a topic or topics of your choosing related to the SAGE 2YC project strands
  • Continue to develop a community of Change Agents to support and enhance each other's work

Workshop Overview

This virtual workshop is the second in the sequence of workshops for Cohort 3 Change Agents. The first workshop provided structured opportunities for Change Agents to explore research-based strategies for supporting the academic success of all students, broadening participation, and facilitating students' professional pathways in STEM; to share experiences and activities; and to develop and refine team action plans to incorporate evidence-based reforms in their work.

The June 2020 workshop builds on this foundation by providing an opportunity for Change Agents to discuss course-level measures of student outcomes and how these data connect to their program action plan; to learn more about evidence-based strategies for achieving the project goals; to consider leadership and strategies for engaging their colleagues in this work; and to begin the process of designing their campus workshops.

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