Facilitating Students' Professional Pathways

These pages were developed by Wendy Baker (Michigan), Bryn Benford (Texas), Karen Layou (Virginia), Gretchen Miller (North Carolina), Dave Mrofka (Southern California 1), and Elizabeth Nagy-Shadman (Southern California 3).

Many 2YC students lack an understanding of their professional and occupational opportunities; the pathways to those opportunities; and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to succeed. In order for students to access those opportunities, faculty and programs need to help them navigate not only through institutions of higher education but also onto a professional path beyond their doors.

Embed Careers in the Curriculum

Show students that there is a place for them in the discipline, that geoscience careers have high status and are well compensated, and that there are careers available through multiple education levels.

Build Community and Career Networks

Help students build a community with peers on campus and connect to networks of professionals that can help them move forward along their path.

Explore Geoscience Career Information

Students can't see themselves in careers they don't know exist. Prepare them with information about potential careers, teach them job-related skills beyond content, and connect them with campus career resources.

Provide Real-World Geoscience Experiences

Real-world experiences yield significant positive results in terms of student learning, persistence in the geosciences, and career preparedness. Research opportunities, internships, and field experiences can be important parts of students' preparation.

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