Coaching Strong Faculty in the Art of Strategic Persuasion: A Workshop for Community College Faculty

A SAGE 2YC-COACh workshop for educators in two-year colleges (2YCs)

Oregon Convention Center, C120-C121

Sunday, February 11, 2018 8:00 am - noon
This workshop for two-year college educators will be held in association with the Ocean Sciences meeting in Portland, OR. The half-day workshop is open to all educators in two-year colleges (2YC), both full-time and part-time. The workshop is offered through the SAGE 2YC program in collaboration with COACh, which is providing resources for the workshop. The workshop is open to all genders.

Workshop Description

This workshop focuses on honing communication and negotiation skills so that one can be more effective in interpersonal relationships in the workplace, in teaching situations, and in professional presentations. The session includes self-assessment, role playing, and practicing the techniques learned. Topics include effective communication styles, projecting confidence and credibility through voice, image and body language, using powerful rather than weak words, techniques for handling difficult people and conversations, the importance of listening and appreciating different viewpoints, and identification of short and long-term negotiation goals.


This workshop is FREE for community college educators, including adjuncts. In addition to facilitating the workshop, COACh will also provide a continental breakfast (7:30-8:00 am) and lunch (noon-1pm).

SAGE 2YC and COACh have some funding to support participation at the Ocean Sciences meeting, the morning workshop on Coaching Strong Faculty in the Art of Strategic Persuasion (COACh), and the afternoon workshop on Building Pathways for Success: Supporting Student Transfer in the Ocean Sciences from Two-Year Colleges to Four-Year Colleges and Universities (SAGE 2YC). Community college educators, including adjuncts, who teach oceanography or ocean science are eligible for this funding. Those who are funded need to attend both the morning and the afternoon workshops and at least one day of the Ocean Sciences meeting. Participants who attend the Ocean Sciences meeting are welcome to come to an informal no-host dinner on Monday night. The application for funding has closed.

Local community college educators, whether or not they participate in the full day of workshops and the Ocean Sciences meeting, are welcome to attend this workshop and will need to register for the workshop (see below).


Please register through SAGE 2YC. The registration deadline is January 15, 2018. Workshop seats are limited and we will accept participants on a first-come, first-served basis, so please apply soon. Participants in the workshop who attend only the workshop (and not the reception, plenary, or other events of the Ocean Sciences meeting) do not need to be registered for the Ocean Sciences meeting.

After registration closes, Priscilla Lewis from COACh will send you information about the detailed program and reimbursement procedures.

If your plans change and you find that you are not able to attend the workshop, please let Heather Macdonald know ASAP. We have limited seats for this workshop and if you are not able to come, we would like to offer your seat in the workshop to someone else.

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