Supporting 2YC-4YC&U Transfer

These pages were developed Change Agents by Andrea Bair (Michigan), Callan Bentley (Washington DC Metro), Deron Carter (Oregon: Willamette Valley), Chris DiLeonardo (Northern California), Catherine Etter (Massachusetts), Eriks Puris (Oregon: Portland), and Dana Vulkajovich (Western Washington).

Many students begin their college careers at 2YCs with the intention of transferring to a 4YCU to finish their bachelor's degree. Due to a number of factors, a large fraction of these students do not succeed in doing so. 2YC faculty and institutions can help make more students successful by addressing some key barriers and students needs.

Identify and Address Systemic Barriers

Barriers within and between institutions risk derailing students. Lowering those barriers by building bridges to receiving institutions, aligning courses across institutions, creating transfer pathways within your institution, and actively recruiting and tracking transfer students can help them stay on track.

Build Student-Centered Support Structures

Supporting Geoscience 
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Paying attention to places in the system where students support is lacking or weak can help students be more successful. Identify and support students who want to pursue geoscience, develop extracurricular activities to engage interested students, prepare students to mitigate the effects of transfer shock, and build students' expertise in geoscience-relevant skills.

Nurture a Common Community

Creating a sense of community between students and faculty at both ends of the transfer process can greatly increase students' likelihood of successfully transferring and graduating. Create connections between institutions by using regional gatherings, conduct joint activities with students from multiple institutions, and encourage students and faculty to visit each other's campuses.

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