Road Maps to Completion: A Workshop on Curriculum/Transfer Alignment

Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA
March 20, 2015, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM

This workshop has already happened.

Workshop Goals

This workshop will bring together representatives from two-year college (2YC) and four-year college or university (4YCU) Geoscience Departments in the southern California region in order to facilitate the transfer of geoscience students from 2YCs to 4YCUs and universities. The outcomes for this workshop are to:

  • Establish and/or enhance communication between 2YC and 4YCU geoscience departments in southern California.
  • Develop preliminary articulation models and examine those already in place for specific 2YC and 4YCU institutions.
  • Lay the groundwork for easier and more informed transfer pathways for our geoscience students in southern California.


There are no costs for participants associated with this workshop.


The workshop will be held at Pasadena City College in the Science Village (SV) room 31.

Participants should park in Lot No. 5. Campus parking permits will be sent to participants ahead of time.



Continental breakfast and lunch are provided.


  • Before the workshop:
    • Register for the workshop by answering all of the questions on the registration form. If you are attending the workshop with a colleague from the same institution, you must each register.
    • 4YCUs:
      • Compile information that your department has related to geoscience course offerings, majors requirements, minor requirements, degree programs, and transfer requirements/issues. If copies of these items can be brought for each of the 2YCs, that would be helpful.
      • Talk to others in your department and collect a list of concerns and questions related to successful transitions for transfer students and desired coursework that students transferring to your institution should have upon transfer.
    • 2YCUs:
      • Bring a list of geoscience and supporting science courses offered at your institution and any geoscience or related degree programs that you offer.
      • Bring information about how geoscience transfer students are identified and counseled/advised at your institution and, if applicable, in your department.
      • If relevant, compile information about activities in and beyond the classroom that promote the skills and interactions necessary for success at a 4YCU.
      • Talk to others in your department and collect a list of concerns and questions related to successful preparation of 2YC geoscience students for transfer.
  • During the workshop:
    • Participate in all workshop activities from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM on Friday, March 20, 2015.
    • Develop an individual action plan for improving the transfer and advising process for 2YC geoscience students.
  • Following the workshop:
    • Present a summary of your action plan and significant information learned at the workshop at your next department meeting.
    • Following discussion at the faculty meeting, provide highlights of your action plan and significant information learned at the workshop to your appropriate institutional administrator (Dean, Department Chair, VP of Instruction, etc.)
    • Use lessons learned from their conversations with personnel at other institutions as you work with students during the advising and transfer process.


David Douglass, Pasadena City College (
Elizabeth Nagy-Shadman, Pasadena City College (
Becca Walker, Mt. San Antonio College (

If you would like further information about the workshop, please contact one of conveners listed above.

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