About SERC

The Science Education Resource Center is a grant-funded office at Carleton College, founded to improve education in the Earth sciences and beyond. We are a team of educators, researchers, and technical specialists who have worked with over 300 education projects across the STEM disciplines and allied fields. Engaging participants from more than 1,400 institutions of higher education, as well as K-12 curriculum developers and teachers, we have created one of the world's largest collections of pedagogic resources.

With origins in the geoscience community, our reach has broadened beyond STEM disciplines since SERC's beginning in 2002. What has remained unchanged is our focus on building communities to support and improve education.

Mission and Approach

At SERC, our mission is to strengthen education through collaborative partnerships. Through improvements to pedagogy, teaching resources, and institutional change, we are committed to the importance of stronger, more inclusive, and more equitable STEM education at all levels and across settings: K-12, higher education, learning communities, formal and informal.

Our People

The SERC team has expertise in science education, program management, student assessment, program evaluation, community engagement, and the technical skills to develop state-of-the art web and online collaboration tools.

Our Work

We help educators learn to incorporate innovative pedagogical practices in their own work through professional development, program evaluation, education research, and connecting to communities of practice. Learn more about how we work and the different types of work we do.


We have a diverse portfolio of projects across a broad range of disciplines and scales. Browse past and present projects for examples of our collaborations.

Partner with SERC

We work at multiple levels of education systems, in collaboration with instructors, institutions, partner networks and national organizations. Learn more about how to work with us or about our partners on projects past, present, and future.

Our Web Platform

Serckit is the SERC content management system. It was created by SERC developers to allow us to build websites collaboratively with partners, support public and private communication, and host our large collections of teaching materials and resources. The flexibility of our web platform makes it possible to customize tasks such as turning submitted teaching activities into searchable collections or organizing a workshop with an informational website.

Contact Us

To begin a project partnership with SERC, or to inquire about our projects or work, contact the SERC office.