Developing a Regional Community

These pages were developed by Daina Hardisty (Oregon: Portland), Bridget James (Northern California), Lynsey Lemay (Virginia), Michael Vendrasco (Southern California 3), Becca Walker (Southern California 1), Keith West (Wisconsin), and Debra Woodall (Florida).

Working together, a community of geoscience educators can do more than any single faculty member alone.

Get Started

Even while you're thinking several steps into the future, you still have to take the first one. Identify the focus of the community, build a team of champions to help advocate for the community, identify the resources that the community needs to succeed, and utilize existing networks to get a jump start.

Engage the Network

Move the network forward to accomplish the action that it was built to do. Create a sense of community, run workshops and other activities, expand the circle of leaders, and seek funding to sustain and grow the network.

Sustain Momentum

Networks need additional inputs over time in order to stay engaged and effective. Maintain communications and connections over the long haul, identify new people and organizations to bring into the community, and develop a plan to maintain the resources that are needed.

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