Initial Publication Date: March 8, 2019

Administrator Checklist

By April 1, 2019

  • Submit the travel information form.

By May 1, 2019

  • Register for the workshop. The information you provide on this form helps us plan the workshop.

Before arriving at the workshop:

  • Please bring a laptop. You will use it in several of the workshop sessions.

After the Workshop

How Do I Get Reimbursed?

Please keep all receipts of expenses you incur during travel to and from the workshop. You do not need to worry about receipts for your flight or hotel, as those have been covered by the SAGE 2YC grant. Following the workshop, please email Sarah Woodyard, a list of your reimbursable expenses in the Administrator Reimbursement Form.docx (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 14kB Jun18 19) (i.e. ground transportation, parking etc.) along with scanned copies of your receipts. Please be sure to scan each receipt individually and attach each of them as separate files. Sarah will also need your home address to verify it matches what is on file. For your reference please consult the William and Mary Travel Policy.


We can reimburse you for:

Mileage: This includes driving a vehicle to and from the workshop, driving your personal vehicle to and from the airport. For reimbursement please input the address of your beginning and end location in google maps, take a screen shot and attach the file.


Parking: You can be reimbursed for economy parking only at the airport. For reimbursement please scan in receipts and attach in a separate file.


Meals: If you incur a food expense on your travel day you can be reimbursed up to 75% of the allowable per diem. You do not need your receipts, please send what meal was purchased and how much you spent. You cannot be reimbursed for alcohol.


Ground transportation: Transportation to and from the airport. For reimbursement please scan in receipts and attach in a separate file.

William and Mary allows Sarah to sign the travel authorization form and approve the travel expense report on behalf of travelers who are not on campus. Please include the following signature authority language (given below in blue) when you send your reimbursement request.

Signature Authority Language:
"I delegate approval authority of my expense report to Sarah Woodyard to accept on my behalf." 

Please email your travel reimbursement request and scanned receipts as soon as possible following the workshop and no later than July 9. Reimbursements will be processed in the order they are received. It typically takes around 5 weeks for the reimbursement to be processed.