Workshop Program

8:00 Breakfast and welcome

8:30 Introductions (SAGE2015 (Acrobat (PDF) 3.9MB May10 15)here is a pdf of the presentation)

9:00 What are the challenges for a successful transfer of a 2YC geoscience student to a 4YCU?

Here is a summary of the gallery walk SAGE2015_Challenges (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 99kB May10 15)

10:30 Break

10:45 What can we do to improve the successful transfer of a 2YC geoscience student to a 4YCU?

Here is a summary of the gallery walk on best practices SAGE2015_BestPractices (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 107kB May10 15)

12:00 Lunch, reflection and discussion

12:30 What transfer agreements exist

  • in Illinois?
  • specific to the geosciences?
  • in other states or schools?

1:00 Is a network of 2YC / 4YCU geoscience departments in Illinois needed?

  • What would be the goals?
  • What format would this take? Virtual? Organization?

1:30 What's next?

  • Action plan(s) to improve communication and transfer success
  • UPDATE March 2016 Here is the White paper that was written by a committee formed at this workshop on how to advise geology majors in IL transferring from a 2YC to a 4YCU Transfer white paper (Acrobat (PDF) 92kB Mar21 16)

2:00 Evaluation of workshop

2:15 Wrap up and preparation for field trip (snacks provided for trip)

2:30 Field trip to collect fossils and discuss effectiveness of field experiences. Participants can car pool or use their own vehicles, we will drive approximately eight (8) miles from the campus.

Stop 1: Road cut exposure of the LaSalle Limestone Member of the Bond Formation outcrop: fossil collection and discussion (minimal walking)

Stop 2: Mattheissen State Park (Upper Dells Area): Exposures of the St. Peter Sandstone & Platteville-Galena Formation, examination and discussion of surficial processes, structures, and groundwater (extensive walking, including stairs

What to bring: Footwear appropriate for hiking developed trails. Cameras, hammers, hand lenses, etc. In case of inclement weather, bring a rain coat! We will provide some light snacks and drinks.

4:30 End of field trip