Initial Publication Date: August 23, 2013

Metacognition for
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December 17, 2013 (Tuesday)

9:00 am PST | 10:00 am MST | 11:00 am CST | 12:00 pm EST

Duration: 1.5 hours with extra time for questions
Platform: Online web presentation and discussion via phone and Adobe Connect web conference software with questions and answers following. See Technology Instructions to connect.


At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to...

1) Define the terms "metacognition" and "self-regulated learning."

2) Give examples of activities that will enhance metacognition and self-regulated learning in students.

3) Plan a course or module unit that includes at least one metacognitive activity per class session.



The On Cutting Edge site on metacognition (The Role of Metacognition in Learning) is an excellent introduction to what self-regulated learning is and how we can help our students improve their ability to be reflective of their own learning process. There is, however, a lot of material here so you might start with some of the readings below.

On the Cutting Edge Metacognition Workshop: This site has a lot of ideas and suggestions for geoscience instructors on how to implement metacognitive, or self-regulated learning, activities in courses. Individuals participating in the workshop, along with the conveners, all submitted short essays and activities/posters on what they are doing around the US to improve self-regulated learning in their students.

We spoke during the webinar about "Calibrated Peer Review" which is a process where an instructor will provide students with an example student paper or essay that the entire class then reviews with a rubric and suggestions on constructive criticism. The SERC site has a page specifically on this technique and it is linked here for those who are interested.

David McConnell put together the attached powerpoint presentation (David McConnell's Metacognition Powerpoint with References (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 3.2MB Aug28 13)) with more information (and references) on all of the activities we touched on during the webinar PLUS number of methods that we didn't have time to discuss.

Screencast of August webinar:

Screencast of December webinar:


Kaatje Kraft, a faculty member at Mesa Community College and an expert on metacognition, recommends the following readings: