A Chemical Evaluation of a Community Near the Perimeter of an EPA's Toxic Filled Ditch

Dwayne Daniels
Fort Valley State University,
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Initial Publication Date: October 16, 2017


The objective of this experiment is to determine if significant levels of arsenic are still present along the perimeter of a Fort Valley, Ga community surrounding the Woolfolk Chemical Works, Inc.

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Learning Goals

This activity involves chemistry and geoscience in a local setting

Higher-order thinking skills e.g. critical thinking, data analysis, synthesis of ideas, model development are developed to an extent by this activity

Writing, oral presentation, field techniques etc. are developed by the activity

Context for Use

Educational Level: Undergraduate
Class size: 25
Institution Type: 4 year primarily undergraduate state university

Lab Activity: One Lab time (2-3 hours)

Student Skill: Basic Understanding of Chemistry and Environmental Pollution

Interdisciplinary skills: None

Activity situated in course: Easy to adapt into a course

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