Richard David Gragg III
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University,
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Learning Goals

Students should learn the scale and cross-scale challenges and responses to human interactions and environmental impacts.
This activity teaches geoscience in the context of spatial and temporal scales and levels; and it promotes actions through presenting responses to the challenges of human interactions and environmental impacts.
Critical thinking; synthesis of ideas; writing and oral presentation are developed in this activity.

Context for Use

Any educational level; class size and institution
Three hours of time to complete homework assignment
Reading, grammar and writing skills
This activity is adaptable and is best situated at the beginning of the course

Description and Teaching Materials

Teaching Notes and Tips

Students should, following Purdue Owl instructions, demonstrate in their own words, experiences and perspectives a coherent understanding of the article.


Students have met the goals of this assignment if their annotation is coherent and includes an integrated summary, assessment and reflection of the article.

References and Resources

Purdue OWL; annotation instructions and guidance.