Measuring porosity

Mustapha Kane, Florida Gateway College
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This activity consists in measuring the porosity of different soil types.

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Learning Goals

Content/concepts goals
The goal is to understand how porosity and permeability affect the storage and flow of groundwater in an aquifer.

Higher order thinking skills goals
Activity based in simple volume measurement and ratios.

Other skills goals

Context for Use

Type and level of course
This activity can be used for all levels of STEM education.

Skills and concepts students should have mastered
Some knowledge of basic geology and hydrogeology is necessary.

How the activity is situated in the course
This activity is used in earth science geology section to understand how an aquifer functions.

Description and Teaching Materials

Measuring Porosity of Sediments (Acrobat (PDF) 179kB Apr27 17)

Teaching Notes and Tips


This is based of measurements and simple calculations. Results obtained by students in this activity should be very close if they use the same components.

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