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Writing Assignment for Marine Biology
Anthony Santorelli, Anne Arundel Community College
Students write about the important aspects of a species of sea life, including physical characteristics, habitat, behaviors and interaction with humans and also provide a video that addresses that sea life along ...

Virtual Soil Classification
Karen Rose Cercone, Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus
After watching a video, students classify soils using a ternary soil diagram and run online computer models to see how the proportion of sand, silt and clay affect drainage. Students then use the ternary soil ...

Identifying and Classifying Sedimentary Rocks in Thin Section
Rachel Walters, University of Florida
This is an online activity introducing students to the basic identification and classification of the textural and compositional characteristics of sedimentary rocks in thin section.

Volcano Lab - Google Earth
Tamara Misner, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Volcano shape is strongly controlled by eruptive style, which in turn is controlled by magma composition and tectonic setting. This lab utilizes Google Earth, which takes students on a virtual field trip, in order ...

Oceanography Virtual Field Trips
Jennifer Nelson, Purdue University-Main Campus
Students explore online data, maps, webcams, and articles from specific US locations to understand and visualize the oceanographic phenomena of that location. Through the worksheet, students will learn to explore ...

Having Students Create an Online Discussion Board Forum: Recent Oceanographic Info in the News & A Beautiful Question
Al Trujillo, Palomar College
An online Discussion Board Forum is a great tool for facilitating student interaction. If done well, discussion boards not only deepen learning, they can also build class community, an essential element for ...

Geologic Characterization of Your Property
Beth Hallauer, Sinclair Community College; Michael Hernandez, Weber State University; Jennifer Sliko, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus; Kathleen Harper, The University of Montana-Missoula
Students will look up an address (either of their choosing or instructor-provided) and assess the geologic characteristics and vulnerability of that location. Students will utilize datasets about geologic ...

Happyville Water Table Contour Map
Jennifer Sliko, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus
In this activity, students create and interpret a water table contour map. Students utilize groundwater well elevations and the depth to the water table at each well to determine the water table elevation at each ...

How Many and What Location did M5.0 or Larger earthquakes Occur During a Four-Day Period?
Michael Hernandez, Weber State University
Every week, numerous potentially damaging earthquakes occur around the world. To demonstrate the frequency geography of these earthquakes, you will use U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY's Earthquake Tracker, an online ...

Introduction to Google Earth and Plate Tectonics
Denise Bristol, Hillsborough Community College
This activity introduces students to using Google Earth and adding layers to google earth, while re-enforcing plate tectonic concepts and evidence for plate tectonics. Outcomes: 1. Download Google Earth onto ...