Initial Publication Date: July 15, 2014

Workshop Outcomes

The following collections of materials were submitted by faculty participants at the 2014 workshop, Broadening Access to the Earth and Environmental Sciences. The collections illustrate approaches for increasing the diversity of students graduating from all types of programs with a substantial geoscience component and supporting their successful entry into the workforce. See the workshop synthesis to learn more about the workshop. The conveners have also written a Workshop Report to highlight items of particular interest.

Program Descriptions
Participants were asked to describe their departmental approach to attracting, supporting, and preparing diverse students for Earth and environmental degrees and professions.

Participants were asked to write about how they get students to understand the relevance of their learning about the Earth to issues they care about.

Follow-on Products

Presentations, discussions, and working group reports contributed to the Increase the Diversity of your Graduates section of the InTeGrate website. In particular, new resources include: