Institutions, STEM programs of all types, professional societies and others are committed to increasing the number and diversity of students graduating with STEM degrees and entering the workforce. There are now a variety of highly successful models for institutions and programs. This workshop will bring together representatives of departments and programs with a substantial geoscience component who have been successful in broadening access to and supporting success within their programs to document their program designs, share strategies, and consider the barriers to more widespread success in increasing the diversity of students graduating with expertise in the geosciences.

The workshop will make use of pre-workshop readings, plenary speakers, panels, and on-line sharing of participants' programs to synthesize research-based recommendations with on the ground experience in geoscience programs and STEM more broadly. Discussion will focus on advancement of participants' programs through the application of this synthesis. We will consider barriers to wider success in attracting and supporting a diverse student body and strategize how we can broaden this success as individuals, through collaborations, and as a community. Small groups will synthesize the experiences and recommendations of the group for the broader community.

This workshop supports the InTeGrate project in its goal of increasing the number and diversity of graduates in the geosciences and associated fields who are able to work with other scientists, social scientists, business people, and policy makers to develop viable solutions to current and future environmental and resource challenges. Beginning in 2014, funds will be available to support implementation programs that model new ways to achieve this goal.


The goals of this workshop are to:

  • Develop an understanding of how geoscience programs are increasing the diversity of their graduates
  • Share strategies for attracting diverse students, supporting their successful graduation, and assisting them as they transition into the workforce
  • Document program models and the evidence of their success
  • Consider the barriers to wider adoption of successful models and programs that could address these barriers
  • Foster increased communication and collaboration around increasing diversity in geoscience programs and the resulting workforce.


The workshop begins on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 5:00 PM and ends at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, February 25. Participants must attend all sessions including the final synthesis.


All workshop participants are expected to participate in the workshop in several ways, including:

  • Complete web pages for the InTeGrate site that describe 1) the ways that your program attracts, supports, and prepares diverse students for careers and 2) your department and its degree programs. The pages will use a standard format to create a searchable collection.
  • Submit a 1-2 page essay that describes aspects of your program in more detail including evidence of its success. Instructions for the essay will be forthcoming.
  • Participate fully in the entire workshop and attend all sessions.

Application Process and Selection Criteria

We seek applications from representatives of undergraduate programs with a substantial geoscience component of all types including 2 year colleges and collaborations among programs or institutions.

In selecting participants from the applicant pool, we seek a diverse set of examples of programs and activities that are having demonstrable effect in increasing enrollment, graduation, and employment of students from groups underrepresented in the geosciences, including racial and ethnic minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. We will also see a diversity of participants, program designs, and institution types (community colleges, colleges, and universities). Preference is given to U.S. participants.

The application deadline is Wednesday, January 15, 2014 (extended). Accepted applicants will be notified by February. Prior to the workshop, accepted applicants will be asked to fill out a registration form to confirm their attendance and to communicate their travel arrangements.


There is no fee to attend this workshop, and the project grant (NSF DUE - 112533) covers double-occupancy participant lodging, meals, and supplies during the workshop. Participants or their institutions are expected to cover the cost of travel to and from the workshop. Participants are eligible to apply for workshop stipends to help defray travel expenses in cases of financial need. Stipends are available for airfare only. The deadline to apply for travel stipends is January 15, 2014 (extended). Late applications will not be considered.


The workshop will be held on the campus of Arizona State University.

For More Information

Contact Diane Doser (doser@utep.edu) or Cathy Manduca (cmanduca@carleton.edu).