Cohort 2 Workshop Program: Winter-Spring 2018

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Activity #1 Asynchronous work: Introduction to workshop; Supporting 2YC-4YCU transfer

In this activity, participants watched a short video overview of the workshop and activities to move from goals to action, focusing on their geoscience program. They also explored effective strategies for supporting students who transfer from two-year colleges to four-year colleges and universities.

Activity #2 Synchronous meeting (1/19; 1/25): Supporting 2YC-4YCU transfer; Strengthening 2YC geoscience programs: One approach

Participants shared insights from their exploration of SAGE 2YC resources about the 2YC-4YCU transfer program. They also learned about one approach for strengthening their geoscience program, moving from goals to action and incorporating data in the process.

Activity #3 Asynchronous work: Complete Departmental Practices Inventory (DPI) with your program colleagues

Participants took the Departmental/Program Practices Inventory (DPI) with colleagues in their geoscience program. The inventory provides a way to consider the practices that are common in a program, and practices to consider for the future.

Activity #4 Synchronous meeting (2/8; 2/9): Identifying program strengths & opportunities: Using DPI results & other data

Participants developed effective program goals and selected evidence-based strategies for achieving those goals. They also discussed using DPI and course outcomes data to support effective action plans, using Highline College as a case study.

Activity #5 Asynchronous work: The first steps of your geoscience program action plan / roadmap

Participants refined their goals, needs, and strategies as the first step in creating their program action plans. Then they reviewed each others' work and provide constructive feedback.

Activity #6 Synchronous meeting (3/16; 3/22): Reflection on action plan; Engaging campus supporters

In this synchronous meeting, participants prepared for their administrator meeting, explored how to get help from others on campus and discussed the action plans worked on previously.

Activity #7 Asynchronous work: Meet with your administrator (dean); work on action plan

Change agents met with their administrators and also identified other resources on campus that may be helpful in their project. They expanded their action plan and revised the first part based on feedback from others.

Activity #8 Synchronous meeting (4/12; 4/13): Institutional context; questions about action plan

In this meeting, participants discussed meetings with their dean, action plans, and how to measure success in achieving the goals for their program.

Activity #9 Asynchronous work: Revise your geoscience program action plan

Participants finished their action plans and prepared for the end of the virtual workshop.

Activity #10 Synchronous meeting: Individual team meetings with project leaders - your data and plans (April/May)

Teams met with the project leaders to go over their plans and their experiences in the workshop.